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We all love a pixie cut. 

It’s short and manageable and most of the all- in trend! 

But while you are basking in these amazing pros of having a pixie cut, there are things you will have to do on your part to maintain it and have it styled at all times. 

And one product that never seems to disappoint women with a pixie cut is a good hair wax. 

The product should have the right kind of power for your hair to tame it and protect it from external factors that have a negative effect on your hair. 

So check out the best hair wax for a pixie cut. 

This is exactly how to use hair wax for female hair.

Top hair wax for pixie cut 2021

We have done our research by talking to some top stylists about which the best hair wax for pixie cut is and here is what we found. 

L’Oreal line studio hair wax is the best choice for pixie hair cut as it has a medium hold on the hair which is all that is required to keep the hair upheld. Another feature of this hair wax is that it can create various textures, especially on short hair. Besides the styling part of it, you can also trust this brand for its ingredients given it has mild and safe properties embedded in it. 

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Mitch hair wax 

hair wax for pixie cut

Mitch hair wax is the right product to choose if you are trying hard to maintain short hair and are not able to navigate your way through pollution, styling and everything else that affects the hair strands. 

The ingredients of this hair wax are made for elevating your hair growth and allowing you to come up with the craziest of hairstyles because of how strong it is. 

It is scented with a combo of pine and lavendar which is by far the best scents we have gotten from any hair wax. 

The main role of this hair wax is thicken your hair and boost volume no matter what hairstyle you opt for. 

This hair wax is best suitable for all kinds of hair types including fine and thin hair which proves that the hair wax is mild. 

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SexyHair style dry wax 

SexyHair is a fun brand which has all things hair and works their way into exciting and intriguing people into accessories and other services that promise good hair! 

This is a dry wax which will help you maintain your hair on the go. The good thing about having a pixie haircut is that you don’t have to spend long hours in front of the mirror trying to set it right. With this hair eax spray you can adjust and style your hair wherever you go. All it takes is 5 minutes. 

After you spray this hair wax onto your pixie hair, make sure you spread the hair strands with your fingers and crunch it up a bit to kind of make it fluffy and voluminous. 

Always rememeber to shake the bottle well before you use it on the hair for the best results. 

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Enjoy Dry wax for pixie cut 

Enjoy has a wide range of products that has a positive effect on your hair and differs according to each hair type. 

This dry wax that they have is so right for pixie cut and caters to easy styling. 

What this hair wax mainly focuses on is fine and thin hair and helps in boosting volume for the hair. It strengthens the hair strands and makes it thick and fuller. 

You can have a different range of hairstyles on your pixie cut as this hair wax offers a firm hold on the hair. 

All you have to do is take a small quantity of hair wax, rub it on your palms and apply it as you want it styled. 

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L’Oreal Studio Line hair wax 

Ofcourse we had to have something from one of our favorite brand. 

L’Oreal has always managed to ace it when it comes to hair products and this hair wax from their Studio Line stream is no exception to that statement. 

Applying this hair wax on your hair for your desired hairstyle is the best way to help it stay on for long hours without you having to adjust it every now and then. 

OGX low shine hair wax 

OGX hair wax is capable of giving life to your hair while also allowing you to be able to care for your hair while also giving you the opportunity to create some great styles for your pixie cut. 

Using even a pinch of this hair wax on your hair can make it voluminous and gives it great texture. 

The bamboo fiber in this hair wax is great for the hair strands. You can create a lot of different textures for your hair using this hair wax including curls. 

We personally love the idea of having a curly pixie haircut. It is trendy and very millennial which goes with different types of outfits. 

MaxWax hair wax 

This hair wax is used as a nourishing factor to the hair and allows you to elevate your hair growth. 

The matte finish that comes with the hair wax allows you to flaunt your shiny hair. Even though pixie cut is short enough you still require shine and gloss to truly pull off this style. 

The nanovitamins present in the hair wax require you to strengthen the hair and thicken the hair strands. 

This is one of the best choice for thinning hair. The ingredients in the hair wax prevent dandruff and gives your hair thicker and fuller head of hair. 

She is Bomb hair wax 

She is bomb is a product which ticks all boxes of hair care and allows you to make the right choice with their wide range of products. 

The hair wax stick from this brand is a must have for those of you with short hair since it is super comfortable and convenient to use. The stick does not require extra effort to apply on the hair and gives you great texture. 

What we love about this product is that it allows you to maneovre your hands around your hair and create some interesting textures on your pixie hair cut. 

This is one of the most appropriate styling products for short hair and gives you closure on all those failed attempts trying to style your pixie cut. 

Kenra hair wax 

This sleek matte package has something even exciting than their exterior on the insite. 

Kenra has experimented and excelled at this hair wax which aims at hydrating your hair strands and providing your a shiny and matte finish with whatever hairstyle you decide to go for. 

Because of its hydrating and nourishing properties this hair wax is the best choice if you have dry hair.
We would suggest you wear this on damp hair and crunch it a bit to create textures on your pixie cut hair. 

How do you wax a pixie cut?

Let’s get one thing out of the way. 

Using hair wax on male hair and on the female’s are completely different. This has to do with styling and also hair type. 

So let us take you through a step by step process into how to apply hair wax for women with short hair. 

  • Wet your hair with lukewarm water. 
  • Take a small portion of the hair wax and rub it on your palms. 
  • Run your fingers through the strands of your hair and crunch it in a way that it has to create textures. 
  • Leave it on for a bit and blow dry your hair to create textures and glossy look. 

Can I use hair wax daily? 

While we have only curated safe products that are careful in picking out their ingredients, it is not safe to use hair wax on your hair every day. 

It can make the hair clampy which would require more shampoo. This in turn will make your hair look dead and lifeless. 

The good news is that you will not be needing to put too much hair wax on your hair given your hair short. 

The good news is that you will not be needing to put too much hair wax on your hair given your hair short. 

We would suggest you use a hair wax thrice a week to be on the safer side. 

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Hair wax

Check out the best brands of hair wax that is awesome for pixie cut


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