30 Best Hairstyles For Plus Size Women with Curvy Faces

by Helen Sroski

Check out the stylish hairstyles for plus size women including some slimming haircuts for chubby faces and creative hairstyles for fat faces and double chins.

All shapes and sizes are beautiful. But I’ve noticed that we tend to forget women on the larger side when it comes to makeup, clothes, and hairstyles.

Plus size figures usually have fuller, rounder faces and need haircuts that accentuate their face shape. So these hairstyles for plus size women help them get a flawless look.

We don’t often see plus size women in the media, so it can be difficult to gauge what might and what might not look good on you. 

So if you need a few tips or inspiration for your locks, these hairstyles for plus size women can help you find a look that will flatter your face the best. 

Hairstyles For Plus Size Women 2023

Check out some of the most slimming haircuts for chubby faces down below!

#1 – Light Platinum Blonde Pixie Bob

hairstyles for plus size women
Source: Instagram@Vivaciousbrunette

While a lot of people think hairstyles for plus size women should always be long, it’s not the case.

If you have a rounder face, short, bob haircuts can actually give a youthful look. Like this pixie bob here! 

I suggest going for an asymmetrical bob always as uniformity can make your face look fuller.

Also, the subtle transition from dark honey to blonde gives depth and creates an illusion of thicker hair.

#2 – Choppy Wavy Side-Parted Bob

plus size hairstyles double chin
Source: Instagram@Nickipoo55

As I’ve said before, the best plus size haircuts are those that are very asymmetrical as they help slim down the face.

This choppy wave bob covers a portion of your face, making it look smaller. And the waves add volume too!

#3 – Neat Side-Swept Wavy Pixie Bob

Pixie With Side Bangs For Chubby Faces
Source: Instagram@Onerealmomma

A diagonal pixie cut is among the best slimming haircuts for chubby faces. 

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This pixie bob has got a tousled top which helps add the impression of volume and angled sideburns which help narrow the face.

The side-swept bangs with a barely visible partition line help transform your fuller round face into a much slimmer heart-shape one.

#4 – Tousled Texture for Baby Face

plus size haircuts
Source: Instagram@knottedsugar

When it comes to hairstyles for plus size women a general rule of thumb is to avoid sharp edges and straight textures.

These look very severe and tend to draw attention to your chin.

So if you have a fuller or “baby” face, you should add waves or loose curls for a tousled texture.

This is great advice if you have a short bob or lob as shown above, and even if you have medium length hair. 

#5 – Side-Parted Shaggy Light Blonde Bob

plus size haircuts 2022
Source: Instagram@Ironglamour_byamber

A lot of uniform angles can contribute to your face looking fuller. So side parts are always the best option.

Combined with a shaggy, tousled texture and a dark-to-light transition of hair color, this hairstyle will slim your face in no time! 

#6 – Medium Shag For Round Faces

hairstyles for fat faces and double chins
Source: Instagram@journey_with_lili

There is no rulebook that says plus sized women can’t have longer hair. And if there is one… who cares! 

If you have medium length hair (slightly longer than your shoulder) then try a shaggy, choppy haircut.

In fact, slightly longer hair can also help elongate your face a little. And the choppy layers add an illusion of body to thin hair.

I think long, side-swept bangs and an off-centre parting will make the medium shag the best haircut for a plus size girl.

#7 – Curly Updo for Medium Hair

slimming haircuts for chubby faces
Source: Instagram@Bridalrelovedcoventry

Most plus size hairstyles focus on hiding a double chin, so it can get difficult to find a bun hairstyle for round faces.

By pulling your hair back, you make the shape of your face more pronounceable too. 

So I loved the curly updo hairstyle for plus size women!

It can be created with medium length or even longer hair. You need to get loose curls with help from a curling iron first and then tie hair into a loose bun at the nape of your neck.

Leave a few thick strands of curls loose in the front. These curls help frame your face and keep it looking slim.

#8 – Dramatic Black and Blonde Balayage Bob

best hairstyles for plus size body shape
Source: Instagram@jessikacari

A single, solid block of color can make your face look bigger too. So having a two-tone shade of hair, especially in a more subtle balayage really helps slim it down.

I prefer taking two very contrasting colors like black and blonde. 

#9 – Long Choppy Pixie

short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins 2022
Source: Instagram@Ghibli.gem

Messy, choppy looks are often the best hairstyles for plus size body shape as they tend to slim your face.

A long choppy pixie helps elongate your face a bit and also adds volume to hair.

#10 – Textured Bob with Shadow Roots

hairstyles for plus size over 40
Source: Instagram@knottedsugar

If you are a fan of straight hair and do not want to go the choppy, wavy route, try a textured bob with shadow roots.

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The bob has long, side-swept bangs that fall straight across your face, slimming it down. 

Here, the ends are more textured and draw attention away from your double chin. 

The darker roots with lighter hair, also give a slimming effect.

#11 – Silver Pixie with Brushed Up Bangs

pixie haircut for plus size women
Source: Instagram@Healthyhappycarrie

Most short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins in 2022 will have some form of side parting or bangs.

This is because combing your hair backward can put undue attention on your face, emphasizing the roundness.

But if you want to try the brushed-up bangs, you can go for a silver pixie. 

The silver tone causes eyes to turn and draws attention away from your round face.

#12 – Voluminous Center-Parted Bronde Cut for Medium Hair

Source: Instagram@Mellbell23

Love your center part? No issues. While an off-center part is recommended for round and full faces, a center part can also work.

You can get a bronde balayage and lots of beachy, voluminous waves.

They start thick at the top and give the illusion of tapering towards the ends.

This trick helps slim down your face. Or at least makes it look so!

#13 – Shaggy Choppy Bob with Bangs

bob cut hairstyle plus size women
Source: Instagram@ghibli.gem

This is among the best hairstyles for plus size body shape. The bangs narrow your face and don’t make it look as full.

#14 – Shaggy Brunette Bob for Round Faces

 best hairstyle for a woman with a double chin
Source: Instagram@Knottedsugar

If your hair is a single color like blonde or brunette, a shaggy bob will suit your round face much better. 

#15 – Short Asymmetrical Angled Bob

Hairstyles for plus size women 2022
Source: Instagram@Lippiesfordays

An asymmetrical bob helps make you look slimmer as it elongates your face. 

#16 – Shag with Curtain Bangs

Hairstyle for round face to look slim
Source: Instagram@Coolfathair

If you have thick, wavy hair, then this is a good look. It also suits women who do not want to try a bob, pixie cut, or a lob and want a more traditional hairstyle.

#17 – Short A-Line Bob

Source: Instagram@kristasira

A fantastic haircut for plus size girls, the short A-line bob looks great in an eye-catching uniform color like rust red or icy blonde.

The angled sides and straight bangs help camouflage some of the chubby areas on your cheeks. 

#18 – Best A-Line for Full Faces

Source: Instagram@Hairhasbody

An A-line style is among the great slimming haircuts for chubby faces. But the best version of it is when you add a bit of body to your hair through waves or loose curls.

#19 – Pretty Disconnected Brown Bob

A disconnected brown bob with long, sweeping bangs that are parted to one side have a fabulous slimming effect on your face. 

#20 – Razored Brunette Pixie with Side Bangs

brunette slimming haircuts for chubby faces
Source: Instagram@christinaloves_clothes

Side bangs instantly transform your round faces. It hides any chubbiness and makes your face look more heart-shaped. 

#21 – Red Razored Pixie Undercut

under cut hairstyle plus size women
Source: Instagram@Dannifatboo

The bright red hair dye takes attention away from any double chin or fullness of your cheeks. 

The undercut and wispy sideburns slims your face and gives it a punk look. 

#22 – Short A-Line Bob With Baby Bangs

Source: Instagram@aj_daughe

The A-line bob tapers towards the end and helps your round face look more elongated. The baby bangs add to the illusion of a slimmer face. 

#23 – Short Textured Combover Bob

combover hairstyle plus size woman
Source: Instagram@knottedsugar

This plus size haircut is great if you want to grow your bangs or your hair. The combover doesn’t expose the fullness of your face.

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On the contrary, the wavy textures add a soft, feminine effect and slim your face.

#24 – Choppy Bronde Lob with Off-Centre Parting

side part hairstyle plus size woman
Source: Instagram@Picbrande

I always recommend an off-centre parting to plus size women. 

And the choppy bronde is among the top short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins of 2022.

The bronde balayage gives a tapering, slimming illusion and the asymmetrical parting doesn’t make your face look as round. 

#25 – Playful Shag Haircut

side part hairstyle plus size woman
Source: Instagram@knottedsugar

If you have long, straight hair, a shaggy, wavy style is one of the best plus size haircuts in 2022. 

The choppy waves add body to your locks, while the tousled look slims down your face.

#26 – Short Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Source: Instagram@justmeandmymirror

Like I’ve said before, rounder, fuller faces benefit more from messy, tousled hair as this look makes your face thinner.

If you want to make your round face look more oval-shaped or want to slim it down, the curtain bangs are a good idea. 

#27 – Layers and Loose Waves

which haircut suits for round face female
Source: Instagram@sobrittanymiles

If you have fine, thin hair and want to add volume to your tresses while simultaneously making your full face look thinner, this is the perfect haircut for you!

The layers add body to your locks, while the frame-framing waves slim down your face. 

#28 – Smoky Waves 

medium hairstyles for fat faces and double chins
Source: Instagram@Marcelloheinz

The shoulder length hair and dark to light transition help slim your face.

#29 – Cropped Bob with Choppy Ends

low maintenance short hairstyles for fat faces and plus size women
Source: Instagram@Curveischic

A bob can draw attention to round faces. But not if you have these cropped, choppy ends that frame your face. 

#30 – Razored Strawberry Blonde Pixie Bob

short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins over 50
Source: Instagram@lovelylunacy1614

The piece-y hair and choppy side bangs make this pixie cut perfect for plus size woman. The strawberry blonde or Auburn hair tones add a youthful touch too!

FAQs about Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

What is the best hairstyle for a woman with a double chin?

If you are a little self conscious of your double chin, then do not panic.
There is something you can definitely do. You can use a few stunning hairstyles to temporarily remove that double chin effect and give you the perfect illusion of a slimmer chin.
To name a few-Layered chin-length bob cut, medium length layered shag, long length haircut with side bangs, beach waves hairstyle, angled bob cut, shaggy mid length bob cut, center parting hairstyle, side-swept hairstyle, long bangs hairstyle, vintage curly bob can definitely take some unwanted attention and focus from your chin area.

Do bangs look good on plus size women?

Yes, finding the right bangs for different types of face shapes can be a daunting task, especially if your face is slightly on the plumper side.
Luckily for you, bangs can save the day by making your face look slimmer and help to hide softer jaw lines and chubby cheekbones.
If your face is round, go for a look with bangs that will make your face look longer and hide a small forehead.
You can opt for thick, side or curtain bangs to make the face look more elongated and slim.
To give a few bang hairstyle examples-textured bangs, feathered bangs, long pixies with swoop bangs, asymmetrical bangs and soft curtain bangs.


While many of the hairstyles mentioned above help in slimming down your face and making your cheekbones look sharper, most of them are simply styles that bring out the playfulness behind fuller faces.

If you’re a plus sized woman, embrace your curves with pride. These hairstyles just add to your beauty!

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