Amazing Orlando Bloom Hairstyles 2024

by Helen Sroski

Check out the latest Orlando Bloom hairstyles, which include shorter hair cuts and beachy waves.

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom, or just Orlando Bloom, is a 45-year-old English actor best known for his recurring appearances in roaringly successful movie series including ‘The Lord of the Rings (as Legolas), ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (as Will Turner), and ‘The Hobbit’.

His best work includes his role in ‘Troy’ as the charming prince Troy, as the Duke of Buckingham in ‘The Three Musketeers’, and gained critical acclaim in the Afghan War drama film ‘The Outpost’. 

He can currently be seen in the television series ‘Carnival Row’ which also stars Cara Delevingne, streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

His roles have been just as versatile as his hairstyles, right from historical epics to fantasy films, war dramas, romantic comedies, and action films. 

Here’s us looking at a few of his many memorable hairstyles that are surprisingly easy to recreate. 

Stunning Orlando Bloom Hairstyles

Short Curls and Cropped Edges

While most of Orlando Bloom’s striking hairstyles have been ones in which he has longer hair, the actor is known to wear his short hair very well as well.

Across his movies and media appearances, he can mostly be seen with a closely cropped haircut, with a defined beard. This style suits him excellently as it frames his face in the most classy, chic manner. 

Source: Twitter

This particular hairstyle – short curly hair, is styled very well to maintain a clean and finished look in terms of the edges, while leaving the top to ‘play with the wind’, so to say. Basically, the top is swept back, in gorgeous curls. 

For those aspiring for easy, easy-to-maintain, and easy-to-style hairstyles, which are also somehow stylish, this is definitely an option for you to try out. Make sure you use hair gel or hair spray in the end to preserve the curls.

Of course, if you naturally have curly-wavy hair, you have nothing to worry about, apart from a good hair wash and some deep conditioning for the shine. 

A Stylish Pompadour

Orlando Bloom is known for his elegant red carpet appearances, and a good deal of this credit goes to his hairstylist. This particular hairstyle gives a more rugged, french look to the Pirates of the Caribbean’ star.

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His short curly hair has been aptly styled into a pompadour to increase the edge factor, while also not compromising on his evergreen calm, classy look by giving him short edges. 

This hairstyle is particularly versatile as it can work for formal events, much like Orlando Bloom has; but additionally, this hairstyle will also compliment streetwear and workwear fits.

Source: Twitter

If you are someone who has a little bit of time and patience on hand, this hairstyle could be your go-to on a daily basis because of how well it blurs the line between quotidian and chic.

As always, do not skip your hair gel or hair spray on any condition as it very important that the pompadour is held in place, for the style to stand out. 

The Buzz Cut

An absolute hassle-free genius of a hairstyle. A buzzcut and a stubble beard that is less than a day old. This haircut is all kinds of flattering if you wear it right.

Source: Twitter

It brings out your cheekbones and jawbones (at least for Orlando Bloom it most definitely does!), and it is so very presentable. Perfect for summers, long beach days, streetwear aesthetic and practically any other fashion aesthetic. 

Source: Instagram @orlandobloom

Low maintenance and time-saving haircut for all those who like to keep their hair care and hairstyle routines to the minimum. 

Long Hair Era

Watching Orlando Bloom in Troy was glorious for more reasons than one. While the Greek plot, setting and costume had their own appeal, Orlando as Paris and his perfectly styled long hair really did make us want to side with the Trojans for a minute. 

Source: Twitter

This curly hair, vaguely partitioned for effect, and gelled back for a clean finish, is the look to go for, if you want to wear your hair down, and at the same time, want your facial features to share equal focus.

Do not let the film dampen your spirits as this hairstyle has nothing to do with ancient Greeks, as it is extremely versatile, especially when it comes to pairing it with a skeel suit and tie. 

Genderfluid Hairstyle Icon

We are still gawking at this hairstyle, and the absolute grace with which Orlando Bloom pulls it off.

Right from the uncanny blonde hair, to the extra long length of the hair, to the delicate braid that runs on both sides, this hairstyle can even be classified as a wedding day inspiration for a bride. 

Source: Twitter

The hairstyle is clearly pulled back from the front, and even from the sides, hence perfectly framing the face such that every feature is highlighted – including the hair. This hairstyle would also look great on sleek black hair. 

Greasy Bellowy Hair

Another long hair look for Orlando Bloom lovers. This swept-back, greasy hair look is mere reassurance that you can rock this length of hair in the summers and while coming back from a swim at the beach!

Source: Twitter

Use hair care products timely, and wear your long hair without fear – dry, wet or sweaty. 

Partitioned Hair

The absolute best of the best, when it comes to Orlando Bloom’s long hairstyles.

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About the time when he rose to fame, Bloom could be seen sporting curly long hair, paired with a clean shave, a short, brief moustache, maybe a goatee, and some long sideburns to finish the look.

Source: Instagram @ orlandobloom

You could even get a haircut where the strands on the front are slightly shorter, like the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor has, for a laidback, chic look.

You could ask your hairstylist for a face-framing layer at the front, or better yet, get a messy layer cut and then style it using your usual hair care products. 

The star usually parts it to the side, or through the centre, to create a look which can be instantly recognized to be an Orlando Bloom stape.

For those willing to put in some time into their hair, this hairstyle would be, without a question, a showstopper. Pair it with layered fall wear like Orlando, or better yet, with a crisp suit for best results. 

Casual Spikes

While most of Orlando Bloom’s hairstyles have been for young adults and adults, this particular one is young and could be ideal for teens.

A fresh haircut, blow-dried hair, and some hair gel slathered on to create messy spikes. It frames your face and is rugged in a contemporary, boyish, and stylish manner. 

Source: Twitter

This hairstyle is great if you are stepping out for a party, or a casual dinner or brunch with your friends. It is a very ‘I don’t care’ style, but in an Orlando Bloom, chic manner. 

Classic Slicked Back

Best known for his classy hairstyles for his red carpet looks, this one, yet again, is slicked back hair with not-so-messy waves at the front.

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The hair is especially damp to create a pulled-back hairstyle. To create this hairstyle, get a haircut which is short at the edges, and then use some (a lot of) hair gel to create waves that retreat backwards.

Source: Instagram @orlandobloom

You could make sure your hair has a ‘just got out of the shower’ damp effect to elevate the look. 

The beard aspect of the look is just as important, so if you are looking forward to an event, make sure you grow out your facial hair a bit, and then trim it into a casual, french beard which is not too structured nor too messy either. 

While this hairstyle is most ideal for formal events (like the red carpet), you could also pair it with casual fall colours, like some linen pants and a shirt for an elegant, quotidian look.

Vacation Curls

Orlando Bloom knows how to vacation in style, and boy are impressed by how delightfully effortless he is. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor looks all kinds of sexy in this brunnete, curly hair look. 

Source: Instagram @orlandobloom

When hair is cropped short, Orlando Bloom likes to keep it simple and sans any fuss. And as his typical mantra, his sides and edges are short, and the top is a jagged cut which compliments his wavy curly hair.

The best kind of low maintenance there is, this hairstyle is a breeze to maintain.

Source: Instagram @orlandobloom

For those with the same hair type as Orlando Bloom, all you have to do to invoke the vacation gods is get regular trims, and you are set for a laidback, hassle-free holiday.

Pairing it with a pair of sunglasses goes a long way in looking just as dashing as the actor. 


Never say never no to jazzing it up, to a little bit of accessorising, even if it is as basic as wearing a hat.

Source: Instagram @orlandobloom

Ideal for good hair days and bad hair days, a hat, a beanie, or a bandana can really elevate your look based on the time and occasion of your outing. 

Source: Instagram @orlandobloom

Orlando Bloom wears his hat in style even when indoors and no one is complaining! So get out your accessories and pair them with your outfit to create non-boring, interesting looks. 

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