If the first thought that came to your mind after reading the title was ‘You’re kidding me’. Don’t be alarmed. In this article I will cover the best hair growth oil. You may ask, ‘How can there be a hair growth oil?!’

It’s true, hair growth is a complicated process. You need to have a good and healthy diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins and also good proteins. You need to have good genetics and you need to be blessed to live in a place with great weather, less pollution and so on. But is that all?

Nope. There are oils that can help the growth of your hair and today we’ll cover those aspects. 

What does a hair growth oil do? 

This is the most important question that needs to be answered. A hair growth oil basically stimulates your pores, clears out any unnecessary dirt and residue, brings more nutrients and vitamins to your scalp to add in hair growth. Of course these hair oils won’t work if you have a bad diet and you are eating junk food or you are too stressed. Those. Are staples for good hair growth. These hair oils work even better for people who have a good diet and health. 

So if you’re looking to grow your hair quickly, then check out these hair growth oils that will give you that mane you’ve been dying to have. 

#1 The Mane Choice Multi-vitamin Scalp Growth Oil 

This is a hair oil that is meant to grow your hair quicker. And how it does it is by activating the pores of hair follicles that grow slowly. This is a budget hair oil that is perfect for quick hair growth. 

Apply it everyday and you will definitely see results within a month. I tried this hair oil while under the sun a lot and it still worked. It has a nozzle that lets you target areas in your head for more hair growth.

It has vitamins and minerals which aids in super fast hair growth. 

Check it out here – $21.99

#2 Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Caster Oil 

Casper oil has been a wonder ingredient for centuries, especially black castor oil. The Jamaicans have been using black castor oil for a long time for their hair remedies and treatments. 

The processing of the castor beans makes this a super liquid for hair care. They roast and boil the castor beans to make an oil that’s good for your hair. 

The beans are then added to a smooth lather that makes this a must use oil for hair growth, nail growth and lashes growth. 

It’s basically a multi-purpose oil that can be used for various requirements. 

Check it out here – $19.95

#3 Leonor Greyl Hair Oil

This is a super premium hair oil and many of you might think why I should pay so much for a simple hair oil. This hair oil is specifically built for damaged hair. In case you have damaged hair and split ends and thinning hair, you need to use this. They have a wide range of ingredients such as lavender, jojoba, olive and more. This takes your weak hair and makes it strong and thick. This is a must need oil in your arsenal! 

Check it out here – $59

#4 Curls Blueberry 

Curls as the name suggests focuses on giving you super thick hair with good and natural curls. The best part about this product is, it is organic and not your “fake” organic. So what does organic entail? 

This product doesn’t use any harmful chemicals such as surfaces and other parabens. These chemicals can affect the quality of your hair. 

So what is the impact of Blueberry? Blueberry is a natural stimulant and it impresses upon your hair follicles in a positive manner. This has a positive impact on your hair. 

Check it out here – $14.99

#5 Kerastase Intitialise 

French products generally are one of the finest makeup and beauty products.  But they also make amazing hair serums and oils. A difference between a serum and a oil is a simple one. Oil is meant to be washed off, while a serum is what you put on and you can go through the day with it. 

The Kerastase Initialise has one objective, it is to strengthen the roots of your hair. When you apply this serum-oil, you need to massage from the root of your hair to the tip.

When you have lesser hair loss then you have more hair in your head. It’s as simple as that. 

Your hair fibers play a very important role and the Kerastase Initialise is made to strengthen your hair fibers. 

Check it out here – $37.97

#6 Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp 

I noticed a stark difference when I had super healthy hair and unhealthy dry hair. When I had healthy hair my hair seemed to be more “oily” without the actual oil. It seemed nourished and it was soft. When I had dry hair, it was bone dry and I had a lot of dandruff too. 

Your hair has some natural oils that is important to maintain your hair hygiene. The Mielle Rosemary fights dry hair. 

It nourishes your dry hair and gives it life. The mint gives it life and the biotin gives it a sparkle. A deadly combination for better hair.

Check it out here – $23.93

#7 Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Hair

Hair oil like coconut hair is meant to marinate in your head and your scalp absorbs the nutrients and it gets nourished. Our next product is similar. On your day off, when you are in “treat yourself” mode, add the Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Hair and Scalp Tonice and leave it on. Let it marinate at least for an hour.

The oil seeps into your scalp and nourishes your hair from the inside with rosemary and other ingredients. 

Check it out here – $22.28

Do hair growth oils actually work? 

This is a very important question because a lot of people do believe that these hair oils don’t work. What you need to understand is, these products are supplements to your routine. It’s like a protein supplement while you are working out. If your diet is bad, and you still consume protein, you won’t see the benefits of the protein on your body. 

In a similar fashion, if your diet is bad, you have a lot of stress, you don’t get a lot of sleep and you expect these oils to work wonders, then there is a problem.

These oils work well when you have other aspects such as diet and lifestyle in check. 

Can I mix and match hair oils? 

A lot of people do ask this question and I have personally wanted to know the answer many years back. I used to use a Aloe Vera gel and the same time used to use a lotion for my dandruff problem. At the same time. My doctor suggested that I could use them both at the same time. 

In most of these cases, I would independently use these oils to see the benefit. If I have split ends for example, I will focus on getting rid of that problem. So every week you can mix and match your oils. But don’t use all of them at the same time. 

How do I apply hair oils? 

Hair oil application is often missed out by many people. They don’t pay attention to this process and end up applying oils in a superficial manner. Here are the steps to applying hair growth oil.

Step 1 : Add a generous amount of oil on your fingertips and rub them against them palm of your hands. 

Step 2 : Massage your scalp and make sure your fingers reach deep and rub the oil in. 

Step 3 : When your done massaging your scalp, you run your fingers from the base of your hair to the tips of your hair to make sure each strand gets nourished as well. 

Always remember when you apply oil to your hair and your hand seems dry after the first application that means your hair isn’t getting enough oil and you need to be generous with the application. 

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