Singapore is a hotspot of multiculturalism. It’s a country where the Asian sensibilities are predominant, but at the same time, the western styles have permeated the cultural fabric of the city. When it comes to hair styling and salons, Singapore is right up there among the best of the best. Singapore’s citizens are well travelled and the enterprising among them go to the corners of the world to find the best styles of every city and bring it to Singapore. Singapore has an amazing collection of salons and here are a few of the top ones. 

Best Hair Stylists Singapore

#1 RuleR Japanese Hair Salon

Ruler is a Japanese styled hair salon located in South Bridge Road. They are generally open from 10AM in the morning to 9PM at night. They have a wide range of services that includes women’s cut, men’s cut, Moisture treatment, Inkarami Treatment, Keratin treatment, Colour, Digital Perm, Rebonding and more. They do some amazing Japanese styled haircuts that are pretty mesmerizing. They run monthly promotions, so make sure to check their Facebook page for more updates. This is one of the top Japanese styled salons in Singapore and its quite popular, so you should book an appointment in advance before you land there. 

#2 Zinc Korean Hair Salon 

Korean Hair Salons have become quite popular in Singapore over the years because of their technical proficiency and varied styles. Leading the pack amongst Korean Hair Salons is the Zinc Korean Hair Salon. They have two stores – Millenia Walk and Orchard Central. They are open till 8PM on weekdays and 6PM on weekends. The services they offer are pretty standard. They are haircuts, shampoo and wash, perm (digital, basic, setting ), Rebonding, Volume Rebonding. Men’s haircuts start from $45 for a cut and blowdry and a woman’s cut starts from $55 for the same service. 

#3 Leekaja Beauty Salon

Leekaja is one of the most popular beauty salons in all of Singapore. They are located in Mandarin Gallery at Orchard Road. They are known for their plus salons and modern services. If you are looking for a state of the art cut, then the Leekaja Beauty Salon should be on your list. They have some unique services like the Cinderella Treatment, which is basically a botox treatment for your hair. They also do perms, colouring, cuts and hair treatments such as 7-step detox hair treatment. The men’s cuts start at $50 for the starting stylist and $60 for a woman. 

#4 Kim Robinson 

Kim Robinson is not a salon, it’s an experience. Located in Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road, Kim Robinson will blow your mind with its plush interiors and even better service. They do makeup services, hair services and also bridal services. This salon is a tad expensive compared to the other salons, but they are absolutely worth it. They do haircuts, colouring, perming and more. If you are looking for a unique grooming experience, like you’ve never experienced before, then I suggest Kim Robinson salon. 

#5 Chez Vous

Chez Vous is one of those high-end salons that have some of the best hair specialists. All of the stylists at Chez Vous have more than 10 years of experience which means your hair will be handled by the best of the best. Chez Vous has two locations. Chez Vous Since 1995 and Chez Vous Hideaway. They have won numerous awards and accolades such as Harper Bazaar’s ‘Best Colouring Service’ and Beauty Undercover’s ‘Best Hair Salons’. They have a wide range of services from cutting to colouring to more. They also have some amazing scalp treatments and hair detox routines. 

#6 Art Noise

Art Noise is a Japanese Salon located in Lorong Mambong, Singapore. They have a team of Japanese stylists who have moved to Singapore to perform haircuts and styles. This is one of those salons that believes in eco-friendly products. They make their own in-house, chemical free shampoos that are great for your hair. They have an amazingly trained team who give a killed head massage that will beat your stress on the given day. Haircuts start at $86 and that includes the original shampoo, bubble water and a blow. 

#7 Trimmings Salon and Spa

Trimmings was founded by Amanda in 2008 who is haircutting veteran having been trained in London. They have two outlets in Loewen and Tudor Court. At Trimmings, you can find the best haircutting experts, who have specialized in hairs of all types. Their hair artists are great at dealing with damaged hair and their set of treatments help in restoring bad hair and bring it back to life. If you are looking for a good hairstylist who can deal with bad hair, then this is the place to go to. 

#8 Be Salon

Be Salon is located in Millenia Walk at Raffles Boulevard. They offer a wide range of services, which are pretty awesome. Their services include hair colouring, individual hair treatment(Depending on what your hair needs). You can also speak to hair consultants, who will talk to you about your hair and what is required. Although they give very premium cuts, the prices are quite low, with haircuts starting at $49. 

#9 Salon Vim 

Salon Vim is another top hair salon that is located in Victoria street, Singapore. This salon is known for its hair colouring service and they do cater to various styles such as the balayage and so on. They also offer some amazing hair treatments, where they use various oils to nourish your hair and treat it with love. If you are looking to get a good haircut and some good grooming session, then salon vim is the place to go to. Some of their services are cuts, scalp care, perming, rebonding and more. 

#10 Picasso Hair Studio 

As the name indicates, Picasso Hair Studio is very good at colouring. In fact, they specialise in hair perms and creative colouring. This means, if you are looking to get your hair coloured, this is the perfect place. They have an amazing team of hair stylists and colorists. They have two locations. One in Bugis and one in TG Pagar. The stylists have a step by step process while colouring or cutting your hair and they do interact with you consistently to check if they are on the right track  and you are happy with the work. 

#11 Toni & Guy 

Wherever you go in the world, you know you can always find a trusted Toni & Guy salon. Toni & Guy is super popular because they are one of the most professional salons in the world. A lot of the caucasians in Singapore tend to go to Toni & Guy because they can find stylists similar to their home country and who have experience with western hair styling. If you are looking to get a western styled haircut, then Toni & Guy should be your ultimate option. They do cuts, colouring, blow dry, perming and more. 

#12 Hairloom 

Hairloom is one those trendy and uppity salons that have a team of young and creative hairstylists who are always looking to bring in the cutting edge trend to the Singaporean shores. Their services include haircutting, hair styling, hair colouring and bonding and more. 

Best Hair Salons in Singapore

The list above has some of the best hair salons in Singapore for haircuts. They might be slightly premium, but they are the best in giving you amazing and stylish cuts.

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Best Hair Salons in Singapore

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