15 Stylish Grunge Hairstyles To Try In 2024 | For An Edgier Look

by Helen Sroski

Grunge hairstyles are one 90s trend that’s making a comeback. These haircuts are so edgy and suit both men and women, short hair and long hair, and even curly locks. Check it out!

Grunge hairstyles are here to stay. Popularized in the 90s, grunge hairstyles are iconic in their unique way. 

Since then, these hairstyles never really left because whether it is A-list celebrities or the person next door, grunge has been a go-to choice of many. 

Sometimes subtly and sometimes in-the-face, grunge hairstyles are undeniably a look that many resort to because of their versatility. Here are some grunge hairstyle options for you to try.

Grunge Hairstyles 2022

Out-of-bed grunge hairstyle

If you have naturally curly hair then you can achieve the grunge look in an instant. Instead of parting your hair or trying to make it appear neat, you can let it be as is. 

And that’s it! As you can see in the picture, this grunge style looks spectacular. Keep your makeup on point and leave your hair with the messy just-out-of-bed vibe and you have achieved the grunge look! 

If you have bangs, then curl them and let them hang on your forehead if they aren’t curly already.

You can also use a texturizing spray to give it a more voluminous look. This look is also very vintage and was popularized by Olivia Newton John and Julia Roberts during the birth of grunge in the 1990s where this look dominated!

Double low buns grunge

A classy grunge style, this double low buns hairstyle is one you don’t want to miss out on. 

It is a no-fuss and no-mess look that you can wear with any outfit, so this is a grunge look that is professional as well. You can make it subtly glam by adding in charms to your hair or you can leave it as is. 

The buns don’t have to be perfect either as you can play around with them by leaving a few strands out. 

The double low buns are a take on the space buns and you can make them as grunge-y as you wish!

Messy bob grunge

The messy bob is a grunge hairstyle that looks fabulous and edgy at the same time. You don’t need to do much work for this. Just part your hair from the middle and let your hair do what it needs to. 

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The middle part doesn’t need to be perfect either for a grunge-ier look. Highlights will look amazing with this look such as shown in the picture. 

If the colour is only on a part of your hair then it will look great as grunge is all about doing things differently. 

Barely wave grunge

The point of a grunge hairstyle is minimal effort. You can get this look by having soft waves rather than prominent ones that look too properly done. 

Pair it up with a hat for that modern take on the grunge while gently reminding others of the 90s style. The soft wave grunge will go well with any length hair. 

To make the look even better, you can pair it up with dramatic eyelashes that contrast with the color of your hair if possible. Else, you can try a dark makeup look.

Layered grunge

A layered grunge without any accessories is a look to go for when you are not in the mood to style your hair any other way. 

Just let your tresses flow naturally and let the layers reveal themselves. It works for all hair textures and hair types. 

If you have medium length or long hair then try the layered haircut and see how easy it is to achieve a grunge hairstyle with it. You won’t regret it! It is among the easiest hairstyles in the world.

Space buns grunge

Space buns were the ultimate hairstyle of the 90s and nothing is more grunge than these! 

The half-up, half-down space buns look pretty straightforward. Plus,it looks super cool and can be paired with any outfit as it isn’t that “edgy”. 

This hairstyle is fun and looks really dressy, so you should definitely try this on your next girls night out. 

You can even spray some hair colour on to add dimension or use contrasting scrunchies to make the hairstyle pop even more.

Side-swept pixie grunge

This blue hair side-swept grunge is an easy-to-pull-off hairstyle. All you need to do is side part your hair and let your hair fall on the other side for that sassy and confident look. 

The pixie cut is a trend in its own but with this style your pixie will get more attention than ever. 

If you aren’t ready to color your hair blue yet, you can try platinum blonde if you have naturally light hair color. 

For people with dark hair, you can try light brown colour or even highlights.  

Pink wave grunge

Have you always wanted to color your hair? Today is the day! Well, tomorrow can be too! 

This pink wave grunge hairstyle is a messy take on the waves. Rather than have a middle part to let your curls fall equally on both sides, you put all your hair onto one side. 

Covering one part of your face, the curls speak for themselves and with the pink color, you will surely catch attention. 

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You can even wear a hairband if you want to keep the curls covering the side of your face.

Color-spray grunge

A cute little beanie is always handy. Even when you are going for a grunge hairstyle. 

If you want your hair to stay in one place and don’t want to show your oily roots, then cover it with a beanie. 

To make the look more attractive and unleash your inner rockstar, simply spray your hair with some color. 

The more colors, the better. Whether you have curly, kinky, wavy, or straight hair, this grunge hairstyle goes with any hair and texture. 

Hide-the-part grunge

Side-part, middle-part, you name it. Part hairstyles are in. But if you are in no mood to conform then try this hairstyle where you simply cover your part with your hair. 

You can simply comb it backwards and use gel to ensure your hair stays that way. Or you can do what this lady does here, simply comb the hair over to the other side of the part to hide the part. 

For a gothic look, use a black lipstick and thick liner to complete the grunge look.

Grunge braids

For those of you who like to challenge yourself, you can try this grunge braids hairstyle. It requires you to make two French braids on each side of your part. 

Then make a normal braid to combine the hair and finish the braid. You can use a ribbon as shown to add more grunge to the look. 

Or you can even use a wire if you are feeling creative and wrap it around your braid that extends to your neck or back. It will give an edgier feel to your braided grunge hairstyle.

 Kinky curls grunge hairstyle

Kinky curls are gorgeous as they are and if that is your natural hair then darling you don’t need to do anything else to get that grunge look instantly. 

Then why not leave them as they are and strut like a queen? You don’t need to spend hours braiding your hair into perfection when the perfection already exists. 

The perfect grunge exists with just letting your kinky curls shine by themselves. 

Of course, if you want to take it up a notch you can accessorize but that isn’t always necessary!

Ombre ponytail grunge

The ponytail is grunge. Simply part your hair from the middle and make two messy ponytails on each side. 

Rather than use a scrunchie or hair tie, you can use your own hair and wrap it around the ponytail to secure it. 

Then just use bobby pins to keep your hair in place if required. This goes well with short hair, medium hair, and long hair. 

The ombre ponytail grunge is an incredibly easy hairstyle to achieve in minutes when you don’t have a lot of time at hand.

Gelled grunge hairstyle

Take the grunge to another level by gelling it up. All you need to do is use gel and comb back to keep all your hair in place. 

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If you want all of the hair away from your face, then tie your hair up in a high ponytail. 

Reserve this look for office meetings and workdays when you don’t feel like spending too much time on your hair and makeup. 

You can pair up this hairstyle with a simple makeup or no-makeup makeup look.

Undercut mohawk grunge hairstyle

When you want to keep grunge for a long time, you can opt for something quite out-there like an undercut mohawk. 

This particular one looks splendid because of the stark contrast between the undercut and the curly hair on top. 

It is definitely a grunge hairstyle worth trying if you are going for an extreme makeover and want to get rid of your locks for good. You can highlight or color the mohawk for an edgier appearance.

90s Grunge Hairstyles For Short Hair

FAQs About Grunge Haircuts For Females

What is grunge aesthetic?

Grunge fashion is a form of unconventional style that emerged from the American and British punk scenes of the early 1990s. It can include a variety of things, including androgynous fashion and dark colored clothing, piercings and tattoos, shaved head, and a variety of looser fits. Grunge fashion was primarily the domain of rock musicians, particularly the bands Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. It quickly became very popular in the early and mid-1990s, and faded away as more commercial brands and trends began to emerge.

How do I make my messy hair look grunge?

To add a grunge look to your messy hair you simply need to add more volume to your tresses. Comb out your messy hair to remove any tangles so that it’s not actually “messy” and then add a hairspray or serum while scrunching your hair. This will add slight waves so your hair looks messier but isn’t actually unkempt.

Is Grunge still cool?

Yes grunge is still cool. It has evolved over the years to form the modern “Tumblr girl grunge” aesthetic. Many of the modern aesthetics like the eboy or egirl look, etc. have also taken inspiration from grunge. You can see the popularity of grunge on social media too as haircuts such as the wolfcut and shag have become so trending.

Grunge hairstyles give a carefree vibe and they are among the best hairstyles you can sport because they are so flexible with how you style them. 

Just as with any hairstyle, there is no wrong way to get the grunge look which leaves a lot of room for experimentation. 

The 90s sure were the days but you can achieve the same look today with minimal effort. Which grunge hairstyles are you excited to try and which ones were your favorite in the past?

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