Jerry Lee Lewis’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Jerry Lee Lewis’s new haircut is a sight to behold! Check out the pics and see for yourself how Jerry Lee Lewis’s new haircut has transformed his look.

Jerry Lee Lewis is a rockstar known for his rock and roll tracks and then his successful transition to country music.

A gifted pianist who followed his passion since he was a teenager, he enthralled audiences with his live performances that included some memorable antics that his fans will never forget. Jerry Lee Lewis got inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Just like his career, his haircuts were interesting to see as they changed dramatically over the course of his career.

Jerry Lee Lewis’s New Haircut

Jerry Lee Lewis’s New Haircut

Who Is Jerry Lee Lewis?

Jerry Lee Lewis was born on September 29th, 1935 in Ferriday, Louisiana. His interest in music started early when he started to play piano when he was 9 years old at his aunt’s house.

He had an ear for what was played and he tried to copy the sounds he heard on his piano. His father purchased a piano for him when he was 10 years old and when his performance 4 years later stunned people who were in awe of his piano-playing talent.

He then focused on his music rather than completing his school. He went to Tennessee and started to work at Sun Studios. The Sun Records signed him and he instantly became a sensation.

Jerry Lee Lewis’s Haircut

His enthusiastic and dramatic stage performances were so fantastic that he was called The Killer because of how unexpected his piano playing skills were.

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He played them standing up and he also lit a piano on fire. His track Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On became a hit immediately followed by Great Balls of Fire and Breathless tracks which were released in 1957 and 1958 respectively.

In the 1960s, he started to focus on country music although rock was always a part of him. He released some rock tracks later too. His biography was released in 2014 called Jerry Lee Lewis – His Own Story.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Jerry Lee Lewis Haircut?

Jerry Lee Lewis has a medium-length haircut with layers as his hair is not the same length. When we see him now, he is always sporting this haircut without a part.

Jerry Lee Lewis

When you have a comb-back haircut your hair seems thicker and voluminous especially when you layer it like Jerry Lee Lewis. It is no wonder that he loves this haircut even now that he is in his 80s.

Layered haircuts can help bring out your facial features more and they are always trendy. Layered haircuts have never gone out of style so if you are thinking of transitioning to this style now is the best time!

Famous Haircuts Of Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis has had many haircuts. Here are the most famous haircuts that the star sported.

Slick Back With A Curly Quiff

Jerry Lee Lewis had the ultimate slick back haircut with a curly quiff on his right side. They acted like curly bangs that elevated the haircut to a whole new level. His curly hair quiff went below his eyebrow level and it looked every bit rock and roll!

Jerry Lee Lewis hairstye

Brushed Back

Jerry Lee Lewis had the brushed-back haircut where nearly all of his hair was brushed back. Only tiny sections of hair on his sides (near the temple area) were styled like they were pointing to his eyebrows.

Jerry Lee Lewis new hairstyle

This funky and groovy style was quite popular as it was sophisticated yet fashion-forward with so much going on.

Classic Wavy Brush Back

Jerry Lee Lewis had the classic wavy brushback haircut where all the hair was brushed backward with some hair product.

jerry lewis haircut

He had a classic wave as was apparent if you look at the top of his head. This style was quite famous back then and some men still love to sport such a style but with some tweaks.

Messy Bowl-Cut

Who can forget the messy bowl-cut haircut of Jerry Lee Lewis? He is one of the people who made it famous back then when it wasn’t that much on trend.

jerry lee lewis haircut

The short and fun haircut looked good on him. While only the brave try it now, this fun haircut doesn’t get as much recognition as it needs!

Steps In Getting A Medium-Length Haircut

Here is how you can get the medium-length haircut that you can slick back like Jerry Lee Lewis.  

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Step 1: Clean and section hair

It is best if your hair is clean and damp before you begin with the haircut. Create a center part and create a section starting from it extending to your mid-ear.

Do the same on the other side so there are now three sections in total. It is best if you work with a tri-panel bathroom mirror as it can show you the different angles for the perfect cut.

Step 2: Create vertical sections

You will start with the back of your head. Create vertical sections with the third section which is at the nape of the neck.

You want to take vertical sections and then using a comb create a guideline to trim your hair and cut it properly. You can use the point-cutting method of cutting to give more texture if you have thin hair.

Step 3: Cut hair in upper sections

Now you want to work on the upper sections of your head. Comb it back to get an idea about the length of the hair.

Diagonally pick hair with your comb and then cut it so that when you comb it back the hair can be easily tucked behind your ear. This is why trimming is best when cutting hair for a slick back or comb-back style.

Step 4: Review and clean up

Continue taking sections and cutting until you are done with cutting the hair to the proper length so that it can be combed back. Repeat the same on the other side of the center part.

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Once it is all done, let your hair loose and see if some sections need more trimming. Then clean up the cut by cutting horizontally or vertically as required.

jerry lee lewiss new haircut song


Jerry Lee Lewis’s current haircut might be simple but it is amazing because of many reasons. One, it is not a typical haircut that men sport when they are in their 80s.

Second, it is a timeless classic haircut that any man can wear even today. It is a versatile cut and you can style it in several ways making it an amazing medium-length haircut.

Now that you know how to cut medium-length hair you can do it yourself at your own home. It requires some technique but once you get a hang of it, cutting your haircut won’t be a distant dream.

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