Verdine White’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Wondering what Verdine White’s new haircut looks like? Check out his latest haircut and how you can style it according to your needs.

Verdine White is a bassist, producer, entertainer, and fashion icon who has inspired people all over the globe to work hard to achieve their dreams.

He has several accolades, awards, and honors to his name because of his continuous contribution as a musician since he was a teenager.

Verdine White keeps himself busy by always focusing on the positive and striving to move forward regardless of the circumstances.

The stylish musician’s haircut is also the talk of the town because he has tried some spectacular haircuts so far and continues to enthrall people with his fashion sense which is always on point. There is simply no one else like him!

Verdine White's New Haircut
Source: Instagram

Who Is Verdine White?

Verdine White was born on July 25th, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. His father was a doctor whose other passion was playing the saxophone. Verdine White’s father wanted him to pursue medicine, but fate had other plans for him.

Since he was a young boy, Verdine had an interest in bass because he felt there was something majestic about it when he saw it in orchestra class. His training began in his pre-teens at Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO).

He performed there for many years and then moved to master the electric bass in jazz clubs in Chicago. He performed in other cities as well. He then joined his brother Maurice White who was also a bassist and formed the band Earth Wind and Fire.  

Verdine White
Source: Instagram

Verdine White always put his heart and soul into his music and it shows. His performances are electrifying because he captivates every audience member and makes it seem like he is doing the show only for them. His enthusiasm on stage is unprecedented.

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Verdine White won many awards for being a bassist and for contributing to the band Earth Wind and Fire. These include 9 Grammy Awards and inductions into various hall of fame including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

He has also won several times at the American Music Awards. He is also a writer who co-authored the book ‘Playing Bass Guitar, A Beginner’s Guide To The Electric Bass’.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Verdine White Haircut?

Verdine White's Haircuts
Source: Instagram

Verdine White has a layered haircut that sometimes looks like a choppy bob haircut because of the uneven layers. His hair is medium length at the moment as it is past his shoulders.

The different layers create dimension, texture, and fullness. Ever since Verdine White straightened his hair, the volume of his original afro hair has been lost.

You can see his hair is much shinier and smoother now thanks to the straightening treatments he has received. Sometimes Verdine White roughly parts his hair so it gives a side-swept bangs effect even though he doesn’t have bangs.

Famous haircuts of Verdine White

Verdine White is considered a true icon for a reason and his haircut might have contributed to this title! He doesn’t shy away from wearing his hair the way he feels most comfortable. Every haircut he has had emitted a different aura. Here are some famous Verdine White haircuts.

Afro Haircut

Verdine White's Afro Haircut
Source: Instagram

Verdine White had an afro haircut where you can see his natural hair in its full glory. He had this early on in his career before growing his hair longer.

He did not seem to have a fade or taper which means he let his afro haircut do the talking. It was quite a statement in itself if you ask us because it was all natural and you could easily see how confident he was in this haircut back when he was young.

Short Layer Haircut

Verdine White's New Hairstyles
Source: Instagram

Verdine White is a charming man who made the layered haircut trendy for men at a time when only women were shown to be the sole wearers of the haircut.

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After the afro haircut phase, he grew his hair long until shoulder length; a little longer than a typical bob haircut.

He got his hair permanently straightened which remains to this day. The layered haircut sometimes looks like a choppy bob haircut because the layers seem mixed up. He currently has this style.

Long Layer Haircut

Verdine haircuts
Source: Instagram

At a point, his hair grew to be pretty long; near the abdomen area. He kept his hair straight at this point too which means he probably kept straightening his hair. This was a far departure from his afro haircut but the long-layer haircut made him look dapper.

It is easy to see that his hair was well taken care of. When he had these long tresses, he ensured to comb his hair back rather than part his hair. This messiness was part of his style and fans loved it.

Steps In Getting Short Layer Haircut

Verdine hairstyles
Source: Instagram

A short-layer haircut looks flattering on all face shapes. Here is how you can get a layered haircut at home without going to a salon.

This tutorial is for people with straight hair. Those with curly hair should straighten their hair and then attempt this for a no-mess layer haircut.  

Step 1: Gather hair and tie it into a ponytail

You want to ensure your hair has been washed and dried completely to ensure the natural oils are not holding your hair down.

Then make a ponytail on the top of your head, close to your forehead to ensure you have more layers towards the front of your face like Verdine White. Now use another hair tie and tie it a few inches away.

Step 2: Cut your hair

Cut your hair straight close to the lower hair tie and then remove the hair tie. Then divide it into at least three different sections for three lengths of layers.

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Use a hair tie for each section to ensure sturdiness and even cutting of layers. Make sure the hair ties are at the same length from the hair tie close to the head and the base of your hair strands.

Step 3: Soften the bluntness

You can use the method of point cutting by holding your hair between your fingers and then cutting your hair a bit at a time.

You should use the point of the scissors to cut vertically into your hair so that you have softer layers. Do this for the other two sections of hair. This technique will allow your hair to look thicker and better.

You can clean up the bluntness by using the point-cutting method and shortening your layers more if required.

If your hair isn’t too long at the moment, then you can make a ponytail at the back of your head and then try the same method by using two mirrors so you have a better view of the layers.

Verdine White hair
Source: Instagram


Verdine White is an extraordinary bassist who has proven time and again that your passion can make all your dreams come true if you don’t give up. Verdine White’s hair evolution has been interesting to witness because he has been in the limelight for such a long time.

From impressing people with his stage presence to standing out when he steps out of his house, Verdine White is a man you cannot ignore. His hair game has always been excellent. Which hair do you prefer on him? Do you think he looked best in his natural hair or do you like his straightened look better?

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