Marie Harf’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Want to know about Marie Harf’s new haircut? An American correspondent and spokeswoman for the United States Department of State has a new hairstyle. Check it out here!

Marie Harf has had an illustrious career in politics ever since she earned her master’s degree from the University of Virginia.

She has held some notable positions throughout her career and her appearance on Fox News put a spotlight on her even more. She is currently also the Executive Director of the Serve America PAC.

Marie Harf has been a prominent figure in America for a long time but her hair also gets a lot of attention from people.

She is a natural brunette who chose to dye her hair blonde and has kept doing that since she started.

Marie Harf New Haircut

Marie Harf’s New Haircut

Who Is Marie Harf?

Marie Elizabeth Harf was born on June 15th, 1981 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. She is a native of Granville, Ohio and she always had a fascination with politics.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University where she studied Political Science. She then received her Master’s Degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia.

Her career started in 2006 when she worked for the Directorate of Intelligence of the CIA. She was appointed as the analyst who studied Middle East leadership problems.

Marie Harf Haircut

She was then promoted to Media Spokesperson and she was responsible for the press strategy.

In 2012, she worked for President Barack Obama’s campaign as the Associate Policy Director. The next year, Marie Harf worked as the spokesperson and senior advisor to Senator Chuck Hagel.

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Starting from 2013 until 2015, she was the Deputy Spokesperson of the State Department.

For two years, from 2015 to the start of 2017, she held the position of Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications and worked for Secretary Kerry.

She started contributing to Fox News in January 2017 and is in charge of political analysis and national security-related topics.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Marie Harf Haircut?

The latest Marie Harf haircut is a lob. This haircut is named a lob because it is a long bob. The lob can be essentially worn by people who have wavy, straight, or curly hair.

It compliments every face shape and celebrities seem to never get enough of this hairstyle. You can always spot someone with the lob.

Marie Harf

Marie Harf always has her hair open and so for her, this hairstyle is perfect because it isn’t over-the-top yet it makes a fashion statement.

She parts her hair from the side (but not extremely to the side) and wears this haircut as is.

Famous Haircuts Of Marie Harf

Ever since Marie Harf came into the spotlight, she has tried many haircuts. Here are the famous ones of the past few years.

Straight Haircut

A straight haircut is when your hair ends are cut straight so when you leave your hair open and put it back, you can see that all the hair ends are at the same level.

This is clearly visible in people with naturally straight hair and Marie Harf falls in that category.

Rather than go for the middle part like most celebrities tend to, she always wears her hair in a side part. She is a brunette but always dyes her hair blonde.

Rachel Cut

Marie Harf went for the Rachel cut after her straight-cut haircut. The sharp layers were easily visible and gave more definition to her straight hair.

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They added bounce to her hair. The shortest layer was around an inch from her chin and the longest-length hair fell on her shoulder.

marie harf images

The Rachel cut complimented Marie’s facial features and added texture to her hair. It was also a step towards a bolder haircut. She had this haircut and maintained it well for quite some time.

Side Part Lob

The current haircut of Marie Harf is the side part lob. As she always wears her hair with a side part, she got the lob haircut after parting her hair on the side.

The side part lob is as versatile as the bob, just a little longer. She might have grown her ‘Rachel cut’ hair and then trimmed it so the hair was a uniform length.

marie harf instagram

It is the simplest of the hairstyles although she sometimes makes the ends wavy or curls her entire hair.

Steps In Getting A Lob Haircut

The lob haircut is quite doable and even if you have never cut hair before, you can succeed with this easy method. Here is how to get the lob haircut that resembles that of Marie Harf.

marie harf twitter

Step 1: Set your hair before cutting

You must prep your hair first. If you have naturally straight hair then spritz some water with a spray bottle on your hair to dampen it.

This will ensure your hair is at the same level and so you can cut your hair perfectly without much effort.

Step 2: Make a ponytail

You then need to part your hair the way you wear it most often. If you wear it like Marie Harf then side part your hair.

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This will ensure that your hair isn’t all over the place when you leave it open and want to flaunt your hair. Then bring your hair to the front and make a ponytail.

Step 3: Snip with professional scissors

It is best to use hair cutting professional scissors because they will give more precision when cutting. You want to ensure you are cutting to your shoulder length.

Cutting longer than you need is better so that you can make it shorter if need be. Once done, take out the hair tie to see if your hair is even.


Marie Harf is a person who doesn’t shy away from being her authentic self. Donning many hats, Marie Harf has shown that it is possible to achieve it all.

Her hair game has been impressive as she didn’t randomly choose her haircuts over the years. She knows who she is and what will suit her.

This is why every haircut she is seen in suits her face shape and her outgoing personality. Her latest lob haircut is a no-nonsense haircut that shows she is in charge and unafraid.

Do you think she looks best in the lob haircut? Or do you think she should have gone back to the Rachel cut?

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