Dylan Dreyer’s New Haircut 2024

by Helen Sroski

Dylan Dreyer’s new haircut is a total game-changer and we’re obsessed! Read on to find out all the details about this amazing new style.

Dylan Dreyer is a meteorologist and news correspondent for NBCUniversal. She appears on Today’s 3rd Hour program and makes regular appearances on a number of NBC programs.

When it comes to her style, she loves fashion and all things related to it. She likes to dress in vibrant colors and cool designs. Her haircuts are never left behind because you can always see her style her hair in a beautiful bob.

The perfectly set haircut has caught the eyes of fans who are always complimenting her haircuts. She now has an A-line bob haircut which is getting all the attention it deserves!

Dylan Dreyer’s New Haircut
Source: Instagram

Dylan Dreyer’s New Haircut

Who Is Dylan Dreyer?

Dylan Marie Dreyer was born on August 2nd, 1981 in Manalapan Township, New Jersey. She attended the Manalapan High School and she played softball when she was there.

She then got her bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University in meteorology in 2003. When she was attending college, she worked as an intern at WeatherWorks in New Jersey.

She then started to work at WICU in Erie, Pennsylvania. Then she worked at WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island. After that, she worked at WHDH in Boston, Massachusetts from 2007 to 2012. Dylan Dreyer became part of NBC News in 2012 after leaving WHDH.

Dylan Dreyer’s Haircut
Source: Instagram

She is the Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer’s host on NBC. This show is broadcast on The More You Know on NBC and it is an educational program. She is an anchor of Today’s 3rd Hour and appears on the Today show during the weekdays.

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She also makes appearances on NBC Nightly News and The Weather Channel. She used to appear on Weekend Today until January 2022. Her book called Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day was published in 2021 and the second book called Misty the Cloud: Friends Through Rain or Shine was published in 2022.

She married Brian Fichera in 2012. He is an NBC News producer and cameraman. They have three children together.

What Is The Name Of The Latest Dylan Dreyer Haircut?

Dylan Dreyer
Source: Instagram

Dylan Dreyer has an A-line bob haircut that calls for longer hair at the front and then gradually shorter hair at the back. It is one of those dramatic yet layer-free haircuts that you can get if you want to wear your hair short.

The A-line haircut is also known as the blunt haircut because of the long to short angled haircut. It is most visible in people with straight hair because the progression is easy to see that way.

The A-line bob haircut gives your hair a voluminous look so if you have thin hair then this is the cut you should consider getting. Plus, you can style it in so many ways.

Famous haircuts of Dylan Dreyer

Dylan Dreyer has been a promoter of short haircuts and here are some of her famous ones over the years.

Layered shoulder-length haircut

Dylan Dreyer haircuts
Source: Instagram

In this photo of Dylan Dreyer, she was just a 13-year-old teenager. She had shoulder-length hair and we admit we cannot get enough of the grunge hairstyle.

Even though this haircut is not as popular today it is still a cool haircut for the brave. The bangs are just adding to the look perfectly!

One-Length Bob Haircut

Dylan Dreyer’s New Hairstyles
Source: Instagram

Dylan Dreyer had the one-length bob haircut at one point. She had a side part that was not a solid line but more like a natural side part. The ultra-straight hair was rounded near the tips for the fantastic one-length style that looked gorgeous on her.

Steps In Getting An A-Line Bob Haircut

Dylan Dreyer’s Hairstyles
Source: Instagram

You can get the blunt bob haircut like Dylan Dreyer as follows.

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Step 1: Divide and section

Divide your hair with a middle part and then section by going from the middle part point to the start of your ear. Do this on the other side as well and secure each section with a clear elastic band.

Make sure you tie the elastics where you plan on cutting your hair. This will act as a guide when cutting your hair.

Step 2: Tie then cut

Take all your hair and make a ponytail at the back using a hair tie. The two little sections you created should be part of the ponytail (preferably above the hair tie).

Cut across using hair-cutting scissors. You should leave some space between where you are cutting and your hair tie. Try to make the cut as straight as possible because it will save you time later on.

Step 3: Give the blunt effect

Remove the hair tie and the clear elastic bands. Then start cutting using scissors at an upward angle because you want the front section to be the lengthiest. 

The focus of this step is only on the front so don’t worry too much as we will tackle the back in the later back. Now using a spray bottle, make your hair damp.

Step 4: Clean up the haircut

Comb through your hair once and then extend the middle part all the way to the nape. You should have two major sections now.

Take small sections between your fingers and cut at an angle so that the A-line shape is retained. Do this carefully using a mirror for that precise cut. Use a comb as a guide when cutting if necessary.

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If you want extra texture then you can use the point-cutting method. 

Dylan Dreyer’s hair
Source: Instagram


Dylan Dreyer has always been on point when it came to her haircuts. She has sported short haircuts throughout her career and they have inspired women to get their hair short too.

Her current blunt haircut is one of the best haircuts she has had because it gives her hair texture and volume making her hair appear much thicker. You can also get the same haircut at home with only a few basic tools.

No need to book an appointment at a salon! Just make sure you have time at hand and a lot of patience because you will need it! The blunt cut is one of the trendiest haircuts ever and we bet it is going to stay like that for years to come.

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