5 Different Types Of Hair Brushes 2022

by Tommy Sroski

To maintain tangle free hair is the first step into grooming and the only solution for that is to have a good quality hair brush.

But how are you going to pick out the one suited for your hair type when there is an ocean of them out there in the market? There are larger categories under which renowned brands fall under.

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There are different types of hair brushes that serve the purpose of every hair type and we are here to help you find yours. 

The different types of hairbrushes are paddle hairbrush, round hairbrush, teasing hairbrush, and detangling hairbrush. 

Hair type Type of hair brush Hair brush brand 
CurlyPaddle hairbrush Aveda wooden paddle brush
Frizzy Round hairbrush Olivia Garden round hair brush
Straight Teasing hair brush Conair slim teasing hair brush
Wavy Detangling hair brush Wet brush detangling brush

Types of Hair Brushes 2021 

#1 – Paddle hair brush 

A paddle brush is an ideal hairbrush for thick and coarse hair types since the brush is broader which makes it possible to comb out tangles from thick hair with ease.

Not only does it brush out tangles but it also makes sure it does not hurt your scalp while it does them.

The best and effective advantage of using a paddle hairbrush is that it can even out frizzy hair and leave the curls as bouncy and shiny as it is. 

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

This paddle hairbrush from Wet brush is a must have if you have uncontrollable hair. 

  • This safely glides through the hair without tearing your hair or scalp apart as it has a very gentle mechanism. 
  • Since it is super broad on top, the lower part is handy and can be held with ease.
  • They have very firm strokes and are mainly designed not to damage hair. 
  • Tangles require to be removed with a lot of care and a gentle touch and this hairbrush does exactly that for your long hair. 
  • The price is nominal. 
  • This can also be a very suitable hair brush for men. 

Best suited for 

Hair type  – Frizzy and curly 

Hair length – All hair lengths. 

#2 – Round hairbrush 

The round brush comes in handy when you need to style your hair quickly at home. This is the perfect tool after a nice hair wash and a blowout.

These types of hair brushes allow you to attain bouncy curls at home in no time. The best part of using a round hairbrush is that it allows you to get whatever hairstyle you’d like.

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The only drawback with this type of hair brush is that it is prone to get stuck within your hair strands if not used in the right way. 

Olivia garden rolling brush

best type of hair brushes for curly hair

This round hair brush is from Olivia garden and exudes a very sturdy look. 

  • Unlike other round brushes, this one from Olive garden places its bristles away from each other to avoid it getting stuck within the hair strands. 
  • Not only is it easy to style, you can also use it for everyday use such as brushing of the hair. 
  • After hair blowout it is super easy to attain the kind of hairstyle you want irrespective of your hair type. 
  • Just make sure you go easy on your hair while using this hairbrush. 
  • Because of how effective this hair brush it is considered one of the best hair brushes for black hair. 

Best suited for

Hair type – Wavy and straight. 

Hair length – Long and medium length hair


Make sure you condition your hair before you style your hair using this hairbrush as it is easier to get rid of tangles. 

#3 – Teasing hairbrush 

A teasing hair brush is normally used to add texture or volume to your hair.

Since it is used from the roots all the way till the end of your hair strands it is super effective in adding up texture to your hair on the whole.

It is the perfect brush to buy if you have trouble getting rid of the knots every morning as it is easy to part your hair with this teasing brush. 

Conair Slim Teasing brush

best comb for hair growth

This teasing brush from Conair is a sleek hair brush which looks sophisticated and works wonders for all hair types. 

  • This teasing hairbrush is especially effective when it comes to handling fine hair as the bristles are very gentle. 
  • The boar bristles are very gentle on the hair and make sure they don’t damage your hair strands in any way. 
  • If you have thinning hair then using this hair brush would equal therapy. It smoothly caresses the scalp and enhances blood flow for your strands to grow. 
  • It is the best hair brush to prevent hair breakage. 

Best suited for 

Hair type – thin and sensitive hair 

Hair length – All 

#3 – Detangling hair brush 

As the name suggests the detangling brushes works completely in getting rid of tangles and enhances hair growth. The detangling brushes are made with wide bristles for obvious reasons.

It allows each strand to grow separate from each other.

Matting of the hair is a huge hindrance to hair growth and it can be extremely harmful if it is pursued for a long time. So having a detangling brush is a real score. 

Wet brush detangling brush

best hair brush to prevent breakage

Here’s another one from Wet Brush since their hair brush collection is just awesome! 

  • This is an ultra soft detangling hairbrush that glides through the hair strands with a lot of ease. 
  • The quality of this hair brush is top notch as it has a sturdy build and is also portable. 
  • It restricts hair fall and hair breakage making it the perfect choice for every hair type. 
  • It can also be an amazing tool in styling your hair in the way you’d like. 
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Best suited for

 Hair type – Coarse and thick. 

Hair length -Long hair 

#4 – Boar bristle hair brush 

types of natural hair brushes

The boar bristle hair brush is here to solve almost all your hair problems with its gentle mechanism.

Unlike bristles, the boar can be gentle on the hair strands and make up for a lot of hair damage.

It has the ability to distribute hair oils evenly across the scalp and nourish the hair strands accordingly. Brushing it on the scalp can feel very soothing as it is gentle and has a therapeutic touch. 

This boar bristle brush from Sonvera is an absolute treat to the hair with its sturdy build and soft touch against the scalp. 

  • This brush is made up of bamboo barks so you don’t have to worry about its durability. 
  • The boar bristles, when stroked against the scalp, can enhance blood flow and feel gentle on your hair strands. 
  • It can be used on all hair types and is an amazing tool for hair styling. Using a boar bristle brush after a blowout can make marvelous impacts on your hair. 
  • It controls hair frizz and hair fall. 

Best suited for

Hair length – Long, medium

Hair type  – All 

#5 – Vented hair brush 

A vented hair brush is an instant solution if your hair is too uncontrollable and frizzy. This comes as a solution if you are just out of the shower and need quick styling.

It serves as an amazing final touch to your blow dried hair. There is not much that goes into the process of using it.

All you have to do is brush your hair from the roots all the way till the tip of your hair strands. 

Wet brush vented hairbrush

best hairbrush for frizzy hair

Yet another one from wet brush which is an ombre coloured delight, as you can see. 

  • This is the most comfortable way of drying your hair and also one of the safest way to absorb moisture from your hair 
  • The vents on your hair brush does the job of removing the hair moisture that lingers onto your hair strands. 
  • By using a vented hair brush you not only avoid heat but you also enhance blood flow in your scalp. 

Best suited for

Hair type – Wavy, curly 

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Hair length – All

Now that we have given you the complete list of the different types of hair brushes and which hair type it will go well with, let us dive into some of the basic queries you might have about hair brushes and how they impact your hair strands.

FAQs – Types of Hair Brushes

Do hair brushes make a difference?

Well, yes. 
Hairbrushes do have a compelling impact on how your hair will appear after its use. Imagine your hair being full of knots and remaining matted or imagine having to drag your comb through those tangles. A hairbrush works its way to solve all these issues. But as we have mentioned before, it is important to choose the right kind of hairbrush according to your hair type. 

Are hair brushes bad for the hair? 

It depends on how the hair brush is used. Since hair brushes are sturdily built it can be possible for hair brushes to affect your hair strands. Here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you figure out. 
If you have too many knots make sure you gently remove them with your fingers before you glide them with a hair brush. 
Always use a conditioner before styling your hair with a hairbrush as it eases your role by a lot. 
Don’t wash your hair with hot water. It is more prone to cause knots and damage. 
Use a hair dryer while also using a hairbrush so that it makes your job easier. 

Which type of comb and hair brush is best for hair growth?

If you’re looking for types of hair brushes that facilitate hair growth, you should consider the following factors:
– Get a natural boar bristle brush as these bristles are very gentle on your hair and reduce hair breakage
– These bristles help increase blood circulation on the scalp, boosting hair follicles to grow.
– You should also consider getting a wooden comb as these do not cause static like plastic ones do.
– Frizz and tangles caused by this static is one of the top reasons for hair breakage. So a wooden hair comb helps.
– There are combs (wooden combs to be exact) made of a certain kind of wood that can help hair growth. Neem (Azadirachta indica) wood is one such wood.
– Combs or brushes made of neem wood can help prevent dandruff, reduce inflammation and promote hair growth.

So there. We hope the types of hair brushes that we have enlisted for you have helped you figure out which one’s for you.

Remember that no matter which hairbrush you pick all that matters, in the end, is how you treat it on your hair. 

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