5 Best Flat Iron For Curly Hair 2022 | Top Hair Straighteners For Smooth Hair

by Helen Sroski

I know the struggle with curly hair. It becomes a tedious task to maintain healthy, long and well-nourished curly hair. 

Folks with curly hair often complain about how difficult it can get to sustain the locks and keep the hair healthy.

Using a flat iron for curly hair you can get soft, manageable hair in minutes. 

You can always style your hair the way you like it. I am here to assist you with the best flat irons in the market to help you select what is best for your type.

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How I tested the best flat irons for curly hair?

I’ve curated a list of products that I used over time and assessed on basis of factors such as 

  1. How much does it take for a flat iron to get heated, ideally it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds?
  2. It is an upper hand if it has a temperature control setting is present in a flat iron as it helps in damage control
  3. It should 2-inches of width to help with the smooth straightening process
  4. How my tresses looked post-use
  5. Did it damage my strands or make them dry?
  6. The length of its cord (this factor helps in the easy styling process)
Best Flat Iron For Curly HairBest ForTech Specifications
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening IronThick Curly HairCeramic heater
Ryton housing
Ultra-smooth titanium plates
LED temperature settings up to 450°F
Ionic technology
InfinityPRo by Conair Rainbow Titanium Flat IronShort Curly Hair30 second heat up
Auto shut off
6 temperature settings up to 450°F
Ceramic titanium plates
HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron Hair StraightenerDamaged Curly Hair140-450°F temperature settings
Dual voltage
360 degree swivel cord
8 HeatBalance micro-sensors
Ghd Classic Original IV Hair StraightenerAfrican Amereican Curly HairOptimum styling temperature of 365ºF
30 second heat up
Ceramic and ionic technology
Rounded barrel and floating plates
Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi-StylerCurling/Straigthening HairMultistyler
LED temperature display with 4 heat settings
Rechargeable – USB charger; 2 lithium ion batteries
60-second heat up time

Top Flat Iron For Curly Hair 2021

Below, I have made a list of products that I have tried over the months. 

I’ve reviewed them carefully keeping the points listed above in mind and curated the best flat irons for curly hair for you. 

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening Iron

This nano titanium plated straightening iron combines its iconic technologies with the benefits of pure titanium plates and leaves you with smooth and straight strands. 

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It releases ions while heating which helps add shine and keeps hair moisture locked. 

I loved how It allows comfortable handling which helps in styling and you get desired results. 

Overall, I was very happy with the result as my curly hair looked smooth and gorgeous in just 5 minutes. 


  1. Travel-friendly lock
  2. Heats up in 30 seconds up to 450 degrees
  3. Nano titanium-plated iron 
  4. Digital ionic technology emits natural ions
  5. Ryton housing resists ultra-high heat


  1. The cable is not long for smooth movement while styling
  2. Sometimes heating takes longer than usual


4.3 / 5

InfinityPRo by Conair Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron

This flat iron is made of ceramic material which adds to the features and is important to remember for curly hair. 

I bought this flat iron as it has 1 inch extra long, floating titanium plates for better contact and faster styling. 

Floating plates also help you curl your hair and do other hairstyles other than straightening.

My favorite part about this flat iron for curly hair is that it delivers 450-degree heat and shines technology. But despite this high heat, the ceramic and titanium technology helps to protect hair strands from hair damage. 

This flat iron also has auto on and off technology which makes it absolutely safe for styling. The floating titanium plates allow better space and adequate moisture for curly hair. 


  1. Moisture lock technology
  2. Auto on and off technology
  3. Ceramic and titanium plates to protect from damage 
  4. Enough space for smooth straightening 


  1. Not safe for travel
  2. No ion technology for shine
  3. The cord is not long 


4.2 / 5

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

best type of flat iron for curly hair

I personally like this straightener as it works wonders on coarse hair and keeps it from further damage. 

The glider ceramic flat Iron includes an HSI style guide that gives you a 1-year warranty. 

This hair straightener has moisture lock technology to help protect hair. It is however very important to always apply heat protect serum right before you style.

The plate is made of tourmaline material and is 1 inch wide which helps in the smooth straightening process. 

I found it less damaging than one might expect as the eight micro-sensors with heat distribution technology don’t let your hair get overheated. 


  1. Comes with a one year warranty
  2. The flat iron is 1inch wide
  3. Emits ions rich in moisture
  4. Eight microsensor technology
  5. Controls frizz


  1. No digital temperature display
  2. No lock features
  3. Takes time to heat 

Ghd Classic Original IV Hair Straightener

best steam flat iron for curly hair

When I got my hands on the Ghd original IV hair straightener, I was skeptical about the singl heat setting.

The flat iron for curly hair offers one optimal temperature that claims to effortlessly straighten, curl, or wave every hair type. 

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It also promises to smoothen and eliminate frizz for a long-lasting result. 

But I found that the high constant temperature isn’t much of a bother. Why? Well, it is equipped with ceramic heat technology for everyday styling.

The ceramic ensures there’s no hot pockets forming and that your curls are protected.  

You can place the hair straightener at the tip of the hair and glide slowly it straighteners curly hair strands with ease. 


  1. Temperature control setting
  2. Heat protect coating
  3. The ceramic material of iron
  4. Moisture lock technology
  5. Eliminates frizz
  6. Adds shine and moisture


  1. Takes time to heat up 
  2. Sometimes the temperature control settings have an issue 
  3. The cord is not long enough to glide around the room


4.7/ 5

Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi-Styler

The best thing about this flat iron for curly hair is that you can create wonderful straight hairstyles with this product,  but it can also be used as a curler. 

I really liked the nano ion technology that offers healthy strands and frizz freestyling. This has titanium plates which mean this also helps in moisture lock and keeps your hair damage-free.

One key factor is that this flat iron is cordless so you can carry it around wherever you go, allowing hassle-free travel. 

This also has a switch that locks and unlocks this helps in the quick styling process. This comes along with a heat resistant pouch.


  1. 2 in 1 styling iron but, does wonder for curly hair
  2. Moisture lock
  3. Cordless
  4. Comes along with a travel-friendly pouch
  5. Quick styling


  1. Sometimes it takes time to heat up
  2. Does not lock 
  3. Takes some time to cool down 


4.8/ 5 

Types of flat iron 

There are three types of flat iron materials available in the market – titanium, tourmaline and ceramic. Let’s look closely at which ones suit more for curly hair.

Titanium irons

Titanium irons are beneficial for extremely coarse or thick hair because of their heat transfer system. It evenly distributes heat to each section of the hair follicle. These irons produce the negative iron effect which adds moisture and keeps hair protected. 

Tourmaline irons

This material is known for its moisture-locking abilities. This iron material gets heated in very little time so you can rest assured your hair is protected from damage.

Tourmaline material needs to be fused with other materials, it is used as a coat in ceramic irons. These materials help in hair damage control. 

Ceramic flat iron 

This flat iron is commonly used in the styling industry and is known for its even distribution features. It provides smooth and hassle free straightening while locking in moisture. 

In most hair straighteners, the hair gets damaged as the irons used are often not heat protected. 

It can easily strip hair moisture so to ensure you don’t end up having dry strands it is important to use the right material for your hair type.

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How to select the best flat iron for curly hair?

Here are few things to keep in mind while selecting the best flat iron for curly hair.

Temperature control setting

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Temperature control enables you to style and iron your hair without having to worry. 

It helps you decide the safe temperature you need to style your hair at your comfort. This means you do not have chances to damage your hair.

The material used in the plate

This factor helps you decide the type of flat iron which will work best for your hair type. The plate material can range from non-ceramic to ceramic.

For a specific hair type

There are a number of flat irons available in the market to choose from. There are certain flat irons that are designed for a specific hair type.

 For example materials like titanium is best recommended for thick and coarse hair and may not work so well for thin hair or curly strands.

Moisture locking 

The moisture-locking feature is one of the best features you should be looking out for while you consider buying a flat iron for curly hair. 

The moisture lock feature not only adds moisture and prevents damage, but it also helps to add shine to the hair follicles. 

Hair length 

Your hair length can help you decide on what flat iron would suit you best. 

There are certain flat irons that work wonders in certain hair lengths and are designed especially for the same. 

Travel friendly 

We carry our equipment wherever we go, why would we leave out flat hair iron behind? 

I always recommend flat irons that are lightweight for ease of access and travel friendly with a lock feature to ensure safety. 

How to use a flat iron for curly hair?

List of factors to keep in mind when using a flat iron for curly hair include:

  1. Keep check of the temperature or lock it at the desired temperature to prevent the machine from getting overheated.
  2. Use a protection serum right before you start strengthening your hair.
  3. Shampoo your hair and make sure it is oil-free before styling 
  4. Make sure you section your hair pre-styling 
  5. Hold the flat iron at the holding section which ensures your curls get the maximum pressure required to straighten it
  6. Use specific flat iron type suited best for your hair

If you are into styling or just wish to experiment with your look, you can always get a flat iron that gets your curly hair straight in no time. Be sure to keep the above points in mind.

One important tip to keep in mind is to use a hair protect serum before you decide to style your hair to protect it from damage.  

This guide will help you understand and decide which flat iron for curly hair you can buy to get the sleek straight hair look you have always wanted!

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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening Iron

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