8 Best Wave Brush For Coarse Hair In 2024

by Helen Sroski

Using the best wave brush for coarse hair will help you enhance your natural curl texture and eliminate frizz. 

This is because coarse and curly hair textures like afro hair do not get along with regular brushes. They tend to get frizzy and dry.

These brushes are flexible and can be contoured to fit your head shape. They are also made up of natural bristles that are spaced wide away from each other. 

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They should be used to brush your hair in one direction constantly to build waves. For beginners, it is advised to spend around 20 to 30 minutes twice every day. 

If you are further along in your wave journey, you should spend 4- to 60 minutes combing your hair in one direction every day in the morning and evening.

Wave Brushes For Coarse HairBest ForType of Brush
Torino Pro 350360 WavesMedium Hard Curve Brush
Torino Pro-570 Medium Hard Curve180 WavesCurve Brush
Magic Collection Reinforced Wave BrushOily ScalpBoar Bristle Brush
WAV Enforcer Military BrushShort HairBoar Military Brush
Kent MC4 Finest Men’s BrushThinning HairFine Boar Bristle Brush
Mayabeauty Double Sided Men’s Club BrushLonger HairDouble Sided Brush
Royalty Shower Wave BrushShower Brushing / Wet HairWet Brush
Torino Pro Wave Brush- 730Thick HairBoar Bristle Brush

You could entertain yourselves with some Netflix or podcasts while constantly brushing your hair for two hours straight. 

Let us take a look at some of the things you should consider before buying a wave brush for your coarse hair.

Top Wave Brush for Coarse Hair 2021

Torino Pro 350

360 Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

Best wave brush for coarse hair

Torino is one of the best brands for waving accessories and products. This weave brush is a high-quality brush that is durable.

It is made up of 100% natural boar bristles and is a medium wave brush. You do not want to use it on long hair since it might cause issues. 

If you are a fan of waves sported by celebrities, you might want to buy one of these brushes. They easily help you in achieving neat 360 and 180 waves on your head in no time. 

This brush is specifically designed for waving and it takes much less time to do it than regular brushes. 

Everybody hates the tedious job of combing your waves which needs to be consistent. But with the Torino pro brush, you can expect quick results while developing waves.

One of the most attractive things about this wave brush is the price. It is very reasonably priced and affordable. 

You get high-quality brushes for the price. It is also quite an attractive looking brush. It has an exquisite glossy candy paint finish in bright colours. 

But it definitely comes with its share of drawbacks too. One main complaint by a lot of customers is that the bristles fall off the brush quickly. 

This is a major drawback as the brush might not be durable and will not last long. Some people with coarse hair might find this brush unsuitable as it is a medium brush. 

Coarse hair might need hard brushes that can tackle the frizz. The packaging of the brush is well done and it is packed in a box. 

There is also a user’s guide that will tell you about building waves and maintaining the brush.


  • Good quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • Glossy texture
  • Value for money
  • Designed to build waves
  • Medium wave brush


  • Bristles might fall off
  • Not high end

Torino Pro-570 Medium Hard Curve 

Best Curved Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

torino wave brush

Let’s first talk about the physical appearance of this brush. This is another brush from Torino that comes in a shiny box. It also has a very attractive design that is curved. 

When you hold the bruhs it feels so smooth but you also get a good grip to comb your waves. This is a medium-hard brush that can tame your hair in no time. 

This brush helps in taming the hair in your crown area with ease. The brush has a curvy design which is better than flat brushes. They offer better coverage and do not pull the hair. 

This is ideal for 2.5 cuts to the wolfing stage. The product claims to penetrate through all the layers of your hair to give you the best results. 

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But this is not suitable for everyone. This brush is not meant for people with long hair, fresh cuts or sensitive scalps.

Torino claims to be a favourite of celebrities and promises maximum results with minimum effort. This means that you do not have to brush your hair as much as you used to. The brush gives you quick waves that last long.

The price is reasonable because you get good quality products for the price you pay.

The bristles of this brush will not lean. You can get easy waves with better connections and good pull. 


  • Good waving
  • Reasonably priced
  • Attractive body
  • Curved design
  • Great finishing
  • Wolfing


  • The polishing might wear off

Magic Collection Reinforced Wave Brush 

Best Round Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

best brush for waves hard or soft

If you are looking for a cheap option in wave brushes for coarse hair, this one will be right for you. This is one of the cheapest brushes available.

This is not suitable for those looking for hard or medium brushes. This brush is very soft and will be suitable for those with fine hair.

The brush is pretty compact and is 5 inches long and pretty flat. You can easily fit this in your pocket or purse. 

Although these bristles came to be made up of boar bristles, that is not entirely true. The bristles are composed of synthetic bristles and it contains one to three boar bristles per tuft. 

You don’t have to worry about the bristles falling off since they have already been reinforced. 

This is a palm-held brush so you can expect better control and grip with this one. The wave brush for coarse hair comes with a slight gap on either side of the surface. This gives you a good grip and better manages the brush in your hand for long hours.

 The boar bristles in the brush help in improving the blood circulation on your scalp and encourage hair growth.

It gives you a scalp massage that helps in getting rid of any debris or flakes in your scalp.

One of the drawbacks includes poor finishing of the surface of the brush. The wooden surface might have splinters.  This is also a highly recommended brush for beards.


  • Good grip
  • Contains boar bristles
  • Soft
  • Can be used on a beard
  • Cheap
  • Flat base
  • Reinforced bristles


  • Doesn’t have enough boar bristles
  • The wood might have splinters

WAV Enforcer Military Brush 

Best Military Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

best wave brush for wolfing

Your search for the cheapest wave brush ends here. This is a good quality product that comes with a low price tag. 

The natural boar bristles are highly beneficial for your hair. It promotes blood circulation on your scalp and improves blood circulation.

It also helps in evenly distributing the natural oils throughout your hair. The best part about this brush is the size. 

This is a very compact brush that is held with your palm. You get a better grip and hold while combing your waves using this brush.

This also makes it ideal for travelling. You can easily slip it into your purse or pocket while you are on the go.

If you are someone who has a beard and a moustache, this will be ideal for you. This wave brush for coarse hair can also be used to groom your facial hair. 

Although the product is priced low, it comes in a smooth wooden body. This brush is easily available at Walmart or any online store like amazon.com.

One drawback is that this comb doesn’t have an extra space between the body and bristles. So you might not get a good hold.


  • Contains boar bristles
  • Cheap
  • Wooden body
  • Compact size
  • Good packaging
  • Palm brush
  • Improves blood circulation


  • No space between the body and bristles
  • Difficult to control

Kent MC4 Finest Men’s Brush

Best Fine Bristle Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

best wave brush 2021

This is another great travel-friendly brush. The Kent MC4 Finest Men’s Brush is suitable for both your hair and beard.

It has an attractive and polished wooden body. This brush is ideal for people with coarse hair who find it hard to manage the wave.

People with medium hair can also make use of this brush to maintain their 360 and 180 waves.

The body of the brush is built of cherry wood that fits firmly at the palm of your hair. The brush is around 5 inches long and is perfect for travelling.

Our scalp produces a lot of natural oil that is beneficial for your hair. This wave brush helps in distributing these oils throughout your hair.

It also massages your scalp and improves blood circulation. This prevents hair fall and stimulates hair growth.

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This is one of the most favourite wave brushes because it can manage coarse and stubborn hair. This brush will also work on short hair. 

Kent is a well-known brand that has been making hairbrushes since the 18th century. So you can trust its legacy and make the purchase. 


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Wooden body
  • Compact
  • Suitable for short hair
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Distributes oil through your hair
  • Not prickly
  • Good quality bristles
  • Suitable for beard and face


  • Might not suit people with sensitive scalp

Mayabeauty Double Sided Men’s Club Brush

Best Double Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

soft wave brush

The Mayabeauty Double-sided brush comes in a unique design. This brush is held using a handle and has dual sides with different textures.

This is a great option because you get two benefits for the price of one. The brand also claims that these brushes are made up of 100% Boar bristles.

If this is true, it is a great deal you are getting for the price you pay. My favourite thing about this brush is the handle.

It is neither thin nor thick. It fits just about right into your palm and gives you a good grip. Since you have to spend hours brushing your hair to build the waves, this brush makes the process more comfortable for you.

The dual bristle is, of course, the USP of this product. The bristles on either side have different properties. One set of bristles is softer. This is suitable for soft and fine hair.

The other side has much firmer bristles which are recommended for tackling and managing your coarse hair. 

This brush has quite a lot of positive reviews. Many people wrote about the good finishing and texture of the body. 

The dual sides of the brush have also been at the receiving end of a lot of positive reviews. However, make sure you select the right colours as a lot of consumers complained about receiving a different colour brush than what they ordered. 


  • Two-sided
  • High quality
  • Good finishing
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to control
  • Can be used on fine and coarse hair


  • Might have issues with colour

Royalty Shower Wave Brush

Best Shower Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

best 360 wave brush for coarse hair

This handheld wave brush from royalty shower is ideal for beginners with coarse hair. If you are someone who brushes your hair in the shower, this would be a great option.

People with coarse hair need hard brushes that can tackle their stubborn hair in no time. This handheld brush is hard and can tame even the most stubborn hair.

It is designed in such a way that the strong bristles penetrate deep into your hair and scalp to make it clean and residue-free. It is recommended to brush your hair at a slow pace to see the best results.

A unique thing about royalty brushes is that no two brushes are alike. These brushes are hand painted so each piece is unique on its own. You should not expect the same brush that you see in the picture although the colour might be the same.

This brush is specifically made for use in the shower. The brush also comes with a user guide that tells you how to clean and maintain the brush for it to last long. 

This is a company that openly admits that its brushes shed their bristles. But they also claim that it increases the lifespan of the brush and maintains the quality. 


  • Suitable for use in the shower
  • Handpainted
  • Cleans scalp
  • Contains a user guide
  • Hard brush


  • Not suitable for people with sensitive scalp

Torino Pro Wave Brush- 730

Best Medium Wave Brush For Coarse Hair

best 360 wave brush for coarse hair

Torino has proved that they make some of the best wave brushes in the market and this brush is no exception.

This brush can assist you in all the stages of weaving to give you the perfect waves. This brush has medium strength but can easily tackle coarse hair.

The curvy shape of the brush is an added benefit as it helps in covering all parts of your head. This is a high-quality brush that will give you a better grip, better pull and better coverage.

The pointy tip of the brush helps in isolating the crown of your hair. This helps in better developing your waves in that area.

The bristles of this brush are made from 100% boar bristles which improve the circulation of blood in your scalp. 

It also makes sure that your natural oils are evenly distributed throughout your hair.

The best part about these brushes is that you can easily get waves with much less effort because of the efficiency of their design and materials. 

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The product is well packed in a box and comes with a user guide manual. This brush is also very compact and is suitable for use when you are on the go.


  • Requires less effort
  • Made of 100% Boar bristles
  • Good grip
  • Curvy shape
  • compact


  • Fragile body

How to Select the Best Wave Brush for Coarse Hair – A Buying Guide 

There are thousands of wave brushes in the market. They have different properties which might confuse you while buying. Some of the brushes listed here are very similar and you might have a hard time choosing one suitable for your hair.  

We have made a comprehensive report of all the things you should look into before selecting a wave brush for your coarse hair. This is done after keeping the price factor in mind. 

We have tried to take a detailed look into all the aspects of a wave brush for coarse hair before putting this information together. Let us look at some of the most important factors you should look into before deciding on buying a wave brush.


The bristles of a brush is the part that comes into direct contact with your scalp and hair. The bristles should be of high quality when you are selecting a brush otherwise you will run into some issues.

Firstly, the bristles should be fixed tightly to the base. Otherwise, it might detach from the brush and fall off. You will not want to waste money on such low-quality brushes that don’t last long.

The other important thing in a bristle is the material it is made out of. Bristles are made out of both artificial and natural material. Artificial bristles are mainly composed of plastic or nylon.

Natural bristles for wave brushes are natural boar bristles which are made out of keratin. A closer look at it will show you a scale-like texture. The bristles are widely spaced in this kind of brush.

They also help in stimulating blood circulation on your scalp, distributes the sebum and natural oils from the hair shaft to the hair, maintains the elasticity of your hair and reduces static. 

Natura brushes also cause much less damage to your hair as compared to brushes made up of synthetic materials. 

Most of the hair brushes that claim to have natural bristles are not completely made up of natural materials. So you have to check it properly before buying them.

wave brush for coarse hair

Waving potential

 The most important job of a wave brush is to help you in forming your waves. These brushes are combed in one direction for a long time in order to form your waves. 

For beginners, it is recommended to brush from around 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Otherwise, you should make it a habit to comb for up to one hour to get consistent and neat waves. 

So you have to check the reviews to understand what the previous customers have to say about its weaving capability. 

All the brushes will claim to have excellent waving capabilities but you will have to find the right brush that will work for your hair. 

This is why the quality of the material is important while selecting a wave brush for coarse hair.


Wave brushes come in two shapes, curved and flat. Flat brushes are good enough but curved brushes are best suited for building waves. 

Most people opt for curved brushes because they offer various benefits as compared to a regular brush. 

A curved brush is capable of giving you a better pull and offers more coverage than a regular brush.

Handle or palm

Building waves by yourself can be a tedious job. So it is important to have a firm grip on the handle of the brush which will be comfortable for you. 

You can find two different types of handles for wave brushes. The first one is your regular brush that has an extension that you can hold onto while brushing. 

The other one only has a body and should be held with your palm.

Brushes which are held with the palm are compact, lightweight and easy to carry. They are small enough to fit into your pocket or purse. If you tend to move around a lot, this would be the right one for you. 

Brushes with handles are also common by people who want to build waves and use them indoors. But a palm brush gives you better control than brushes with handles.

If you’re looking to create 360 waves or 720 waves, using a good wave brush is of the utmost importance.

You’ll be brushing your hair constantly to create waves, so make sure you get a high-quality wave brush for coarse hair. 

It’s best if you consider it an investment and not skimp on the budget for the brush. 

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