9 Best Organic Shampoo In India 2022

by Helen Sroski

Exposing your hair to chemicals on a daily basis can only ruin the texture and weaken the strands. 

Shampooing is an inevitable process of our day to day lives and since most of them have parabens and chemicals, the steering clear of parabens does not bode well. 

But what if we told you we had alternatives that are natural and completely organic. The best organic shampoo in India for your hair type.

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Organic shampoo works well for all hair types and does not rip your hair off its natural texture. 

India happens to be a country with the best organic ingredients that help to attain the right kind of hair texture. 

Using the best organic shampoo in India with natural, herbal ingredients ingrained in them gives you a refreshing experience and long lasting results. 

Check out the best organic shampoo in India. 

Organic Shampoos In IndiaBest ForChief Ingredients
Soulflower Reetha Coconut Milk Shampoo Frizzy HairReetha, Coconut Milk, Avocado, Ginger, Vitamin E
Rivor Naturals ShampooCurly HairApple Cider Vinegar, Argan Oil, Green Apple Extracts, Rosemary Oil
St.Botanica Moroccon ShampooDry HairCoconut Extracts, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Green Tea
Herbal Essences ShampooOily ScalpsMoroccan Argan Oil, Sea Kelp, Aloe Vera
Khadi Mauri Herbal Amla ShampooSensitive ScalpReetha, Amla, Aloe Vera, Bhringraj
Vaadi Herbal Dandruff Defense ShampooDandruffLemon Extracts, Tea Tea Extracts, Neem Extracts
Soultree Licorice ShampooItchy ScalpsHenna, Licorice, Hibiscus, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Olive Oil
Kama Ayurveda ShampooGreasy, Dull HairSoy Protein, Deodar, Lavender and Patchouli Essential Oil
Aloe Veda Herbal ShampooThin, Fine HairHoney, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E

How I tested the best organic shampoo in India?

I looked at several different shampoo brands from India and tested their popular organic shampoos. After that, I rated them on a scale of 1-5 based on the following parameters:

  • Ingredients – A good organic shampoo must contain several herbs, oils, and natural extracts that benefit your hair
  • Gentleness – If the shampoo is free of sulfates, harsh chemicals, and other problematic ingredients.
  • Cleansing power – The shampoo at the end of the day must thoroughly cleanse your hair without drying it out.
  • Hair benefits – The organic shampoo must also help control hair issues like breakage, dandruff, greying, etc.

Top Organic Shampoo In India 2021

Soulflower Reetha Coconut Milk Shampoo 

Best organic shampoo in India

The first one on our list happens to be a shampoo bar! And a good one! 

Soulflower is a brand that never fails to impress us with its authentic and effective products for both skin and hair. 

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If you are someone who is not used to shampoo bars, you might want to scroll further down for shampoos but if you know the workings of a shampoo bar and have benefitted from them, this is top notch. 

Infused with coconut milk, the shampoo bar gives you a glossy and shiny hair texture. 

We have noticed that using this shampoo bar on a regular basis can really elevate hair growth and give you thickness. 

Since it is made up of coconut milk, it works on the texture of the hair and makes it softer. 

If you have extra rough and unmanageable hair, this shampoo bar has got you. 

The size of this is medium which is good to last for one whole month at least if you wash your hair on a regular basis.

Like we mentioned above, a shampoo bar can be quite tricky for those who don’t know how to maneuver it around your hair so watch out for that before you make the investment. 


  • Moisturizing
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Good for the environment


  • Comes in plastic wrap
  • Leaves dry hair frizzy

Rivor Naturals Shampoo 

best organic shampoo for hair fall

Rivona’s natural shampoo is infused with apple cider. Apple cider is a huge contributor to the health of your hair and makes it shinier. 

The main feature of this shampoo is that it does not allow your hair to fall out and strengthens the hair. 

The packaging of this shampoo is pretty big so it can last for 2 whole months without wastage. 

The shampoo works wonders in stimulating hair growth if used properly. 

For those who have dandruff, this works wonders and removes itchiness and the flakes off the surface of the scalp. 

The natural ingredients in this shampoo do not fail to keep the scalp squeaky clean. 

Even though the shampoo is extremely effective for all hair types, it has not made a buzz among the Indian clientele as of yet but we are sure the beauty industry will begin to take notice of the brand. 


  • Leaves scalp squeaky clean
  • Controls dandruff and hair fall
  • Helps hair growth


  • Dries out scalp
  • Contains SLES

St.Botanica Moroccon Shampoo 

best chemical free shampoo in india

Natural oils make up for a good shampoo which aids hairfall and other issues that we face. 

With constant exposure to pollution and other factors, it is important to imbibe healthy ingredients and natural oils are just that to a shampoo. 

St.Botanica manages to include the right oils to balance the moisture levels in the hair and give you healthy strands. 

The packaging comes big and lasts for a relatively long time. 

We have noticed that with regular usage of this shampoo your hair strands tend to become thicker and hair fall reduces. 

The aroma of this shampoo is so good that it lasts a whole day after you have taken a shower. 

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If you have rough and unmanageable hair, this shampoo works wonders in smoothing your hair out. 


  • Maintains moisture levels on scalp
  • Thickens hair
  • Smoothens frizz


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t lather well

Herbal Essences Shampoo 

best organic shampoo for thinning hair in india

Herbal Essence has the best range of products that cater to the hair.
We love that they have a wide variety for every issue that we might come across. It is effective and the results are long lasting. 

This one from Herbal Essence has argan oil as the primary ingredient which is known for its hydrating properties to the hair. 

It soothes the dry strands out and gives a very glossy look. 

You can use this shampoo on colored and dyed hair without fearing the dye strirpped from your hair. 

I loved how gentle it is on the scalp and the hair strands. 

The antioxidants with aloe vera makes up for the hair being soft and glossy. 

It works well on men as much as it works on women. Just make sure that you are using the right amount considering the length of your hair. 

Another major aspect of this shampoo is that it can easily be washed off the hair without sticking to the hair strands.


  • Hydrating
  • Adds shine and gloss to hair
  • Doesn’t leave residue


  • Contains sulfates

Khadi Mauri Herbal Amla Shampoo 

best organic shampoo for oily scalp in india

There is no doubt that Khadi has stood true what they promised us right from the start. Natural and pure ingredients. 

This organic shampoo from Khadi might be a premium product but it still does amaze a lot of people how well it reacts on the hair strands and gives it the strength that it needs. 

If you have sensitive strands that have been worn out with regular usage of chemicals and parabens, you need to switch to natural shampoo. This might boost the hair growth process and reduce hair fall. 

The bottle of this shampoo is also big enough that you can use it graciously without compromising on the quantity. 

One thing we have noticed is that it does not reduce hair fall to a great extent, so if that is your concern, we suggest you pick another one from our list. 


  • Absolutely chemical-free
  • Good for sensitive scalp
  • Cleanses oily scalp


  • Expensive
  • Can dry out already dry scalp types

Vaadi Herbal Dandruff Defense Shampoo 

best natural organic shampoo in india

Vaadi has always made a buzz with their great range of hair care products. 

This refreshing dandruff defense shampoo very gently cleanses the scalp and gives you a very clean scalp. 

The extract of tea tree oil gives your strands a smoother and softer look. Rough hair strands can be made smoother and silkier with every usage of this shampoo. 

Since it is mainly for dandruff, we suggest you don’t overuse this shampoo. You could use it thrice a week and it would still be effective. 

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Lemon can allow your scalp to be squeaky clean. 

The bottle of this shampoo is big enough to last for at least 3 months when used thrice a week. 


  • Controls dandruff
  • Nice fragrance


  • Too drying

Soultree Licorice Shampoo 

best organic shampoo for thinning hair in india

If you are someone who has thinning hair strands, you need a shampoo which involves ingredients that elevate hair growth.

It has a powerful combination of henna, wheat protein and hibiscus which gives you dark and lush hair. 

Another major component of this shampoo is coconut oil which keeps your hair texture strong as ever and keeps your hair black. 

Using this shampoo regularly can really cleanse the scalp and reduce itchiness if you have it. 

The only thing is that this product is priced on the higher side and might not come in the price range of a lot of buyers. 

But those who have used this shampoo on a regular basis have vouched for the effectiveness of it on all kinds of hair.


  • Controls premature greying
  • Reduces itching and flaking on scalp


  • Expensive


Kama Ayurveda Shampoo 

best organic shampoo in india 2021

Kama is a premium shampoo brand available in India which makes sure it has the best quality in the products they have to offer. 

This shampoo mainly works in cleansing the scalp and removing buildups. Buildups can be the major reason to dry hair strands. 

The natural ingredients as part of the shampoo work wonders in reducing hair fall. 

The hibiscus extract of the shampoo softens the hair and gives it glossy hair. 

The lack of parabens and chemicals have a positive impact on sensitive and damaged hair. It can revive your hair texture. 


  • Remove product buildup
  • Adds shine
  • Paraben-free


  • Can be drying

Aloe Veda Herbal Shampoo

best organic shampoo for hair fall

If you are looking for a long term shampoo that will tend to the texture of your hair while also keeping it silky smooth, this one from Aloe Veda is the one! 

The tea tree oil present in the shampoo can moisturise the hair from the roots and give you utmost strength and does not allow the hair to fall off. 

Since it is sulphate free it can be used on the hair for as long as you want. 

People who have dandruff have affirmed that this shampoo works wonders on the hair and removes the flaky dandruff off the surface of the hair. 

It reduces itchiness and redness in the scalp. So if you have a sensitive scalp, this shampoo works wonders. 


  • Reduces dandruff and itching
  • Sulfate-free


  • Can increase dryness and tangles

Indian brands never fail to include herbal and natural ingredients as part of their products which makes it very safe to use. 

These herbal shampoos have the ability to bring back the texture of the hair without ripping off the natural elements of your hair. 

All you have to do is keep in mind your hair type and choose from the list we have given you. 

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Soulflower Reetha Coconut Milk Shampoo

The top organic shampoos in India cleanse your hair without damaging your hair. The Soulflower Reetha Coconut Milk Shampoo is suited for all hair types.

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