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If you are looking for a definite way to restore hair health and give it renewed shine, then you should be looking for sources of vitamin E for hair growth!

A lot of people are looking out for methods for hair growth because hair loss and hair damage has become a common problem in the present day. 

And the reasons for it are many, from internal problems like stress, hormonal imbalances, genetics, pregnancy and childbirth to external problems like the type of water used to wash hair, hair products, hair styling tools, and non-existent hair care routines.

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But have you ever considered that your body can just be lacking sufficient vitamin E and your hair loss is thus related?

Well, if that thought hadn’t crossed your mind, the answer could be right in front of you! 

Go ahead and read this article as it will tell you all about this essential vitamin and what it has to do with your hair and hair growth.

What is Vitamin E?

Let me get into a bit of the basic here. Now when you read the word “Vitamins”, we associate the word with the six vitamin types we know: Vitamin A, D, E, K, C, and B (with its 8 types). So what makes vitamin E different from the rest?

Vitamin E is one of the fat-soluble vitamins that is very essential for protecting the body from oxidative stress and free radical damage. 

Free radicals are those unstable molecules that can damage the healthy cells in our body. 

Vitamin E contains antioxidant properties and can thereby protect the body from this damage.

Without sufficient antioxidants, the free radicals in the body can contribute to hair loss, hair aging, and hair damage in the long run.

Vitamin E is a very essential vitamin when it comes to hair and skin (the scalp, the home to our hair follicles). 

When there is a lack of vitamin E, hair damage increases, leading to loss of hair luster and shine and an increase in hair loss.

How do you use vitamin E for hair and hair growth

Eat foods rich in Vitamin E

The best way to get a sufficient amount of vitamin E into our bodies is by consuming it in the food we eat. It is all-natural and safe!

Here are some foods rich in vitamin E, you can add to your diet:

Fruits like: Kiwi, avocados, dried apricots, blueberries, papaya

Vegetables like: Green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, butternut squash, olives (or olive oil), tomatoes, bell peppers

Seeds like: Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds

Nuts like: Almonds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, peanuts

Seafood like: Trout, shrimp

Using Vitamin E Oil

Apart from consuming vitamin E rich foods, which can help promote hair health and improve hair growth from within. 

So using vitamin E oil for external use by oiling your hair is always a good option.

Oiling of hair along with head massages has always been a good remedy for hair growth. 

When we massage the oil into our scalps using our fingertips, the blood flow increases in our scalp and there will be sufficient blood circulation. 

This helps the essential nutrients flow towards the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth.

Caution: Here’s an important point to note. Using vitamin E oil directly on your hair is not advisable, as it can cause scalp skin irritation. Therefore, diluting your vitamin E oil with another carrier oil of your choice is always recommended before application.

 Consuming Vitamin E Supplements

Some of us may not get a sufficient amount of the essential nutrients and vitamins from the food that we eat, especially for those who do not have a balanced diet. 

This is when the role of supplements comes into play. These supplements often come in the form of tablets or capsules that can be taken orally, in order to boost the effects of vitamin E in your body.

Here’s a word of caution. For those who wish to take vitamin E supplements, getting a medical professional or doctor’s recommendation is always advised.

Children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and those who already are on other medications have to be more precautious when taking any kinds of supplements, to avoid the risk of side effects.

Using hair care products containing Vitamin E

Investing in hair care products like shampoos or conditioners which already contain vitamin E is recommended to promote better hair health and improve hair growth, hair luster and shine.

For those who are already used to a certain hair care product or have stocked up for the next couple of months, then you might not want to buy a new set of products. 

Well, you don’t have to worry because here’s a simple tip for you guys. 

All you need to do is, prick a couple of vitamin E capsules and squeeze out the liquid into the shampoo or conditioner.

Mix them together and use it like you normally would! Yes, you have your own homemade product with vitamin E! Quite simple, right?

Use hair rinses or hair masks with vitamin E

Hair care is a very important aspect towards maintaining hair health and promoting hair growth. 

Therefore, next time you decide to apply a hair mask or use a hair rinse for your hair.

All you need to do is squirt in the liquid of a couple of vitamin E capsules, mix it in and there you have it, an instant boost to your hair.

Why You Should Use Vitamin E for Hair Growth 2021

Promotes better hair growth

In order for hair to grow well, one of the main requirements is proper blood flow and good blood circulation in the scalp. 

What does this have to do with hair growth you may ask? Well, our hair follicles are under the scalp and our hair strands emerge from those hair follicles. 

When there is sufficient blood flow to the scalp; the blood can circulate easily and supply sufficient nutrients to these hair follicles in turn stimulating hair growth. 

There are times certain hair follicles can be dormant due to death or damage.

And when the blood reaches these dormant hair follicles, they can get rejuvenated and can begin to start producing hair over time. 

Vitamin E can help promote better blood flow to the scalp in turn enhancing proper blood circulation.

Helps reduce dandruff and flaking

Dandruff causes dry scalp and flaking. When the scalp is dry, there is scalp irritation and we tend to itch. 

This can cause damage to the hair follicle and can cause hair breakage. 

When the scalp is dry another thing that can happen is the excessive sebum (natural oil) production by our sebaceous glands. 

This will result in the dandruff flakes getting mixed with the oil. 

When these particles enter into the hair follicles, they get clogged and inhibit the proper growth of hair. 

Therefore, dandruff can be one of the reasons you have hair loss. 

Vitamin E helps regulate this sebum production in the scalp and helps keep the scalp and hair moisturized and hydrated, in turn helping get rid of dandruff over time.

Helps prevent the hair from going grey

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and can help prevent the hair from greying prematurely. 

A lot of people grey prematurely and this can be a cause for worry for many. 

The antioxidants in vitamin E can help fight free radical damage and prevent hair tissue damage, in turn preventing the hair from going grey prematurely.

Improves hair shine and lustre

Vitamin E acts as a hair conditioning agent for those with dry, dull, and damaged hair. 

Our hair is constantly exposed to the harsh sun’s rays, dirt and grime, chemicals in hair products, and heat from hair styling tools, making the hair become dull and lifeless. 

This can drain the hair of all its hydration and moisture. 

Vitamin E helps promote better nourishment to both the scalp and hair, making it look vibrant and improving its natural sheen and volume.

Protects hair from damage

A lot of us have dry hair, hair breakage and split ends. Vitamin E helps in hair repair and can help prevent further hair damage. 

Vitamin E helps lock moisture in the scalp strand and keeps the cuticle intact and healthy. It acts as a natural protectant from heat damage and exposure to environmental factors.

If you decide to talk about hair and hair growth, the word “Vitamin E” is something I’m sure that will ring in your ears hereafter. 

Well, it should, because it is like an all-in-one solution to fix all your hair problems.

While vitamin E is very important for your hair and hair growth, do not overdo it. 

Adding the liquid of a capsule or two into your shampoo, conditioner or hair mask around once in a couple of weeks or so, should be sufficient.

That being said, taking in vitamin E through the food you eat by having a balanced diet is the best way to be able to get the benefits of this awesome vitamin for hair and hair growth. 

Apart from this, using vitamin E oil for external use can also be a good option. 

Avoid taking vitamin E supplements until absolutely required, like in case of those with vitamin E deficiencies. 

Seeking medical help is always recommended in such cases to take in the right dosage.

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