Choosing a straightener can seem menial since our perception is that all straighteners are almost the same. Let me shatter that for you! 

Wanting straight hair could be on most of our minds given how elegant and sleek it looks. It is the most desirable hair type. But choosing a hair straightener that does the job in a safe way is tough. So we have broken it down for you so that you know how to choose a hair straightener? 

Straighteners cater to different hair density and hair types. There are straighteners made of various materials that are then subcategorized. Here are some of the types of hair straighteners, 

Choosing a hair straightener

Ceramic Irons 

Since the conduction of heat is distributed evenly, the ceramic straighteners are opted for in salons. It has a way with the hair shaft where it is capable of smoothening the stands. However, the material does not heat up fast so if you’re looking for a straightener for your everyday needs, you’ll have to move on. Buying a ceramic straightener can be affordable. 

Who is it best suited for? 

Since the heat is distributed evenly and it deeply creates an impact on changing the texture of the hair, this can be great for women with curly and coarse hair. If you have wavy hair, make sure you don’t keep it on your hair for too long else it will tend to cause damage to the hair. 

Here’s our pick of the best ceramic straightener

hair straighteners

Remington straighteners are prominent for the quality they provide because of which their reputation is as strong as ever. 

  • It provides an ultimate ceramic technology that works 70% for smoother hair. 
  • It controls frizz four times more than regular straighteners which justifies the price range that this is available in. 
  • The heat range can go up to 410 degrees in just about 30 seconds. So if you are looking for something to speed up your mornings, this should be the perfect one for you. 

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The ceramic on the straightener can tend to wear off easily so watch out for that and replace it when it is time. 

Titanium straighteners

If you have coarse, unruly hair, Titanium straighteners are sure to fix that for you. Unlike the ceramic straighteners, the titanium straighteners conduct heat to a greater extent, evenly. Even though it is a higher investment, it’s worth it for the features it can provide. Titanium straighteners can help speed up your straightening process during your busy mornings. 

Who is it best suited for? 

Again this is the straightener that is great for unruly and coarse hair. Since it can heat up quickly, if you have unruly and curly hair, this works really well. If you have thinning hair, make sure not to use this as the heat can be overwhelming for your hair. 

Here’s our top pick

hair straighteners for women

This is Ava’s most stylish and sophisticated straightener so far with its slender look. 

  • It has long blades that allow curling and another styling besides straightening hair. 
  • You can enable the lock feature on the straightener which controls the frizz and produces shine to the hair. 
  • The automatic shut off feature turns the device on if it’s on for 60 minutes or more. 
  • Even though it is expensive, this can be a good investment for a straightener when considering all the requirements. 

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Since titanium straighteners tend to get hot faster, we would recommend you to use the settings and tone it down. 

Tourmaline straighteners

Since tourmaline is a gemstone that provides negative ions, it helps act against frizz and waves. It includes a layer of ceramic as well. But since it is safe on the hair it rules out the damage factor on the hair. This type of hair straightener is great for neutralizing frizz and waviness. So if you need a straightener just for merely fixing the texture of hair, then this one’s great for you. 

Who’s this best suited for? 

If you have wavy hair or frizz which you need to have in control, then choosing a tourmaline straightener is the perfect way to go about straightening your hair. 

Here’s our top pick 

hair straighteners for short hair

The tourmaline plates that this straightener is made of, can make the roughest hair texture smooth. While it gives out a great performance it also ensures safety by controlling the heat when used on the hair. 

  • The straightener consists of mega sensors which make sure that heat is evenly distributed on the hair without damaging your strands. 
  • It is compact and can be carried anywhere with ease. 
  • It has a 1-inch plate that can be used on any hair length. If you have bangs, you might want to consider this, since it makes the process of evening out the strands easily. 

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Glass and metal straighteners

Both these elements are not very reliable when it comes to acting out on your hair and therefore we suggest you consider the above options if you want a good quality straightener. Metal straighteners, although can be a bad choice for sensitive hair strands work great if your hair has the ability to work with heat. 

Who is this best suited for? 

If you have coarse hair that is hard to tame with the normal straighteners, then we would suggest going for metal straighteners. 

Here’s our top pick 

hair straightener for curly hair

This stylish straightener from Sedu can work wonders on your hair with its extraordinary features. 

  • The floating irons are light and can smoothen out your hair in no time, with precision. 
  • It has a digital display on the straightener which makes it easy to access the working of the straightener. 
  • Advanced titanium heating is perfect for fast heating. Although the heating feature is quick, it also controls the heat to a minimum degree to avoid affecting your hair strands. 

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How do I choose a hair straightener

The material with which the straightener is made of is not all when it comes to determining the safety of using hair straighteners. Here are some factors that you have to keep in mind while picking out the right straightener, 

Shape of the straightener 

The shape of the straightener you use is a reflection of the features that it is capable of. For example, a curved straightener can be used as a curling iron as well whereas a flat iron is used for straightening to a precision. The grip that you have os very important when you are straightening your hair or drying your hair as the heat can affect your skin if it’s not held properly. 

Width of the straightener

If you have a straightener with wider plates it will be a quick and easy process since it is able to handle a larger amount of strands at a time. Although it is a time-saver, if you want a portable and easy-to-handle straightener, it is better you opt for a straightener which is more compact in nature. 

Material of straightener plates

As mentioned earlier, the material with which the plates are made can have a greater effect on your hair than you think. While most of them are safe to use, others might not treat your hair with utmost care. The adobe mentioned materials for straighteners will impact certain hair types. 

  • Ceramic iron
  • Titanium iron
  • Tourmaline iron 
  • Metal or glass iron

Depending on your hair type each of this materials will help straighten your hair. If you have curly or coarse hair its better you take a material that is stronger and can impact your hair evenly. 


 The temperature with which the straightener works is the most important aspect of choosing one since it is with the temperature that straightener functions. Make sure to use the temperatures according to your usages also be aware of how the temperature impacts your hair.

Choosing a hair straightener is a task when you don’t know what qualities to look for. We hope this article has made it easier for you and enlightened you on how to choose a hair straightener. 

Is titanium or ceramic better for your hair?

This completely depends on how hard it is to straighten your hair or in other words the texture of your hair. It is easier to straighten wavy hair than it is to straighten curly or unruly hair. 

Titanium is more strong and distributes more heat than ceramic so titanium will be perfect for curly and unruly hair while ceramic is more suitable for fine hair as the heat distribution is even and very minimal. 

Is Titanium more damaging than ceramic?

Titanium gives out more heat than ceramic iron so Titanium is more likely to damage your hair strands than ceramic. Overusing of titanium can be extremely harmful so make sure than if you are going for titanium you have thick hair. Ceramic is best suited for those with thin strands. 

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