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At this time and age where everybody’s experimenting on different hairstyles to stand out, I think bob hairstyles will definitely catch some attention. 

For one, they have never gone out of style. And second, bob hairstyles have a way with oozing style that makes it impossible to ignore. Imagine your hair being the perfect length (whatever that is, right?) to flip around every now but also not a hassle that you spend way too much time maintaining it. Look around and you’ll realise how hard it is to find such a hairstyle. The number of products we use on our hair is proof of how much it needs care.

But hey, if you don’t want to lose your precious hair just to experiment on the bob hairstyle look, that’s fine! We have the coolest short hairstyles with weave for women right here so that you can figure out which one you want!

Best Bob Hairstyle with Weave For Women

Bob hairstyles are subjective. While it might look bomb on some people, it might not look appealing on others. We are here to help you figure that out with a simple method where you can find out for yourself if the bob hairstyle is for you! 

Will Bob hairstyle suit you? Here’s how you can find out!

  • Stand in front of the mirror with a ruler held horizontally under your chin and measure the distance from your ear to your chin. If the measurement sums up to 2.25 inches or less it means bob hairstyles will look great on you. 
  • If the measurement of the scale is more than 2.25 inches, chances are that you don’t have a sharp jawline which further concludes to bob hairstyles not actually being your thing!
  • Since bob hairstyles are short and come down to your ear, it highlights your jawline and the edges of your face. So it is vital to consider these factors before you acquire this look. 

Having a bob hairstyle and still wanting to try out different kinds is also a high possibility so let’s dive right into the coolest bob hairstyles with weave for women. 

Types of bob hairstyles with weaves for women

Chic bob weave hairstyle 

best weave hairstyle for women

The chic bob weave hairstyle is effortlessly stylish with its perfect length and the charm it brings out to your face. This hairstyle is usually worn with a side parting but you can try other partitions based on suitability. The chic bob weave hairstyle is the most commonly tried on hairstyle among all the bob hairstyles out there since it is easy to achieve and does not involve the risk of looking too different. 


Easy to try on and is likely to suit most people. 


Not suitable for women with broad faces. 

Fiery long bob hairstyle with weave

long bob hairstyle weave

This is longer than most weaves that we will list out but it is hard not to mention it just for the boldness it has. It is bright red in colour with a middle parting. Given the attributes of the bob hairstyle weave, it may not be for everyone but one can always try out the weave! 


It has a unique look. 


Suitable for only a few people. 

  Short asymmetrical bob weave hairstyle

layered bob weaves

This is my personal favourite because of the uneven structure it has. The short asymmetrical bob has a side parting with one side longer than the other. It looks super chic and if you are someone who has a fun personality, this one’s definitely for you! 


Looks amazing on women with narrow faces. 


May not be suitable for people with serious professions. 

Weave bob with subtle waves

hair weaves for bob hairstyles in 2020

This hairstyle is safe to wear for any occasion because it has an adequate length not being too short. You can wear it with any partition although I would suggest the side parting because of the structure it gives to the hair. 


Has the perfect length to it. 


Might not sit well for those with thick hair. 

Glamorous golden bob weave hairstyle

cool bob hairstyle weaves for women

This weave bob hairstyle is hard not to love for its texture itself. It has a wavy yet curly feel on the sides of the hair which makes it so elegant. This is usually worn with a side parting to compliment the texture on either side. 


Has a beautiful texture and structure. 


Does not go well with middle partings. 

Blunt bob weave hairstyle 

blunt bob hairstyle

The blunt bob does not take a long time to convey the form of your hair. It is sharp and makes the edges on the sides of your hair. This is usually worn by women with straight hair given the sharp edges on either sides. 


Looks crisp. 


Might need more maintenance when compared to the others. 

Curly inverted bob weave hairstyle

bob hairstyle weaves for women

The inverted bob weave hairstyle has long hair in the front and short hair behind. This unevenness might not be for everyone since it takes a certain type of face structure to pull this off. As mentioned before the jawline is highlighted when it comes to short hair,  so it is important to consider the size and structure of the face


It is a bold hairstyle. 


Maintenance is hard.

Trendy and sleek bob weave hairstyle

bob hairstyle types

This is a super cute hair weave which comes down to the chin. It has a trendy and cute look to it. If you want to wear it longer, go ahead but I would highly recommend the bob weave since it is one of a kind. 




Not for everyone. 

Short Feminine Espresso brown bob weave for women

types of bob hairstyles for women

This looks exceptionally good on women with thick and lustrous hair because it has a way of exhibiting shape and form to the face. Make sure not to make it too thick when the weaves are embedded in otherwise the head will tend to look too big.


Has a unique look.


Not for women with thick hair.

Black bob with caramel highlights weave

bob hairstyle weaves for women

Just with the look of it, we know how elegant and classy it is. The colour combination makes it everyone’s favourite! For this particular weave, you should consider complexion since it plays an important role in matching the hair colour. Also, maintaining the weave so as to withhold the colour is an important aspect.


You have the advantage of getting hair colour.


Might not be suitable for everyone and requires high maintenance.

Short Layered bob weave with bangs

bob hairstyle for women

This short hairstyle is the ultimatum for a classy and elegant look together! The bangs are the highlighting feature of this hairstyle since it frames the face well. One thing to look out for if you’re going to try out this weave is if bangs would complement your facial structure.


Has a unique look to it.


The bangs might not be for everyone.

Pink Straight Bob 

pink bob

Dark Straight Purple Bob 

purple bob

Straight Bob with bangs 

straight bob with bangs

Ombre Bob hair 

bob ombre hair

Asymmetric Burgundy bob 

burgundy bob

Short elegant bob 

short elegant bob

The best part about choosing weaves is you can choose whatever hair type you want. But that does not solve everything right? Here are some queries that I have simplified for you.

How do you weave a bob style?

Since it is the bob hairstyle weave you will have to do the quick weave. This depends on the length of your hair and your requirement. If you have short hair and want longer weaves, you have to purchase the hair bundle accordingly. But the method to embed the weaves in your hair is that it is glued to a cap that will be the base for the weaves. 

What is the best hair to use for a quick weave?

There’s the option of choosing between human hair and synthetic hair and although it might be a big investment we suggest you go for the human hair because it will look authentic and is more suitable. Even though synthetic hair might work on some hair types, human hair bundles are always the most preferred for its authenticity. However, if you’re only experimenting on your hair it would make sense to go with the synthetic bundle. 

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