12 Best Shampoo Bars In 2022

by Tommy Sroski

If the tiring process of leaky shampoo bottles with an expensive price tag on it does not even last a month is bothering you, we got you! 

Shampoo bars are the better alternative to everything that is wrong with your regular shampoo bottles. Although it is rarely heard of, it has gained a strong reputation around the world.

If you have worked a soap bar, then you have nothing to worry about shampoo bars. Not only are they easy to use and so easily accessible, but they are also affordable and last longer than regular shampoo bottles.

If you are looking for the perfect shampoo, we have the best shampoo bars right here, for you.

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Top Shampoo Bars 2021

Best Shampoo Bars Best Feature Link
Ethique shampoo barDamaged HairLink
JR liggets shampoo bar Oily HairLink
Peppermint shampoo barLifeless and Dull HairLink
Chagrin shampoo barColor Treated HairLink
Tasmanian shampoo bar DandruffLink
Maple natural hill shampoo barRough HairLink
Skinny & Co Shampoo barGreying HairLink
Christophe Robin Shampoo barHair GrowthLink
Dr. Harris shampoo barFrizzy HairLink
HiBar shampoo barGreasy HairLink
Love Beauty And Planet Muru Muru Butter & Rose Flower Shampoo BarColored HairLink
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Clay Shampoo BarAfrican American HairLink

#1 – Ethique St Clements Solid Shampoo Bar

best shampoo bar for curly hair

The Ethique shampoo bar is everything you need to mend your broken hair. It is considered the best shampoo for oily hair.

It nourishes your hair strands and takes off the excess oils that make your hair appear oily. It leaves the essential oils that your hair needs to grow.

The best part of this shampoo bar is that it is durable and can stay the life of three regular shampoo bottles. So it is definitely worth the buy. 


Durable and affordable. 


Not for dry scalp. 

#2 – J. R Liggett’s Old Fashioned Shampoo Bars

This is a hand crafted shampoo bar that is 100% safe to use because of the ingredients they use.

It has a retro feel to it with the packaging and the ingredients used which is why it is safe to use as well, given there are absolutely no harmful chemicals in the making.

This shampoo bar works its way into removing grease from the hair leaving it shiny and radiant. 


Safe to use. 


Might not be very durable. 

# 3 – Yellowbird Peppermint Shampoo Bar

best shampoo bar for lifeless hair

The Peppermint shampoo bar is a combination of kaolin clay and sea salt which treats sensitive scalp in the right way.

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This has the ability to keep your hair strands looking healthy and shiny as ever. Regular use of this shampoo will helps preserve battered and damaged hair by maintaining its natural oils.

It comes in a very convenient packaging which allows you to store the bar in the case itself. The peppermint is one of the best shampoo bars for dry scalp. 


Best treatment for dry scalp. 


Can melt easily. 

#4 – Chagrin Valley Butter Shampoo Bar

best shampoo for dull hair

The presence of butter in this shampoo nourishes and cares for the hair strands in a careful manner.

It has a powerful combination of shea butter, mango butter and cocoa.

This is the best shampoo bar for colour treated hair and tends to damage and fall out of hair.

The hair  is left soft and silky after one wash with this shampoo bar. 


Good fragrance 


Does not work for oily hair. 

#5 – Tasmanian Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar

shampoo bars

The apple cider vinegar in the shampoo bar allows blood circulation and allows the hair follicles to grow without clogging.

This is a great solution for split ends and rough hair as apple vinegar can control the pH level.

The shampoo bar gives the hair all the necessary nutrients to grow thick and healthy. 


Works against dandruff. 


Not for oily hair. 

#6 -Maple Hill Natural Vanilla And Brown Sugar Shampoo Bar

This shampoo bar has the most exotic scent with the vanilla and the sugar extracts, it is a total treat! Besides vanilla, it has a combination of essential oils like coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil and avocado oil.

They have the ability to restore hair texture and hair shine and give you silky smooth hair.

It makes sure to cleanse your scalp of dandruff and other impurities. You can choose from several natural fragrances like lavender vanilla, peppermint essential oil, and mint tea tree oil.


Has a great fragrance. 


Might be a little strong for sensitive hair. 

#7 – Skinny & Co Rosemary Shampoo Bar 

best shampoo bar brands

The shampoo is known for its intense hydration that it provides to the scalp and nourishes the hair strands with all the necessary nutrients.

It contains rosemary essential oil and coconut oil which is necessary for the texture of the hair.

This is one of the best shampoo bars for dry hair and can leave it looking silky and smooth. 


Made up of natural ingredients. 



#8 – Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar

As the name suggests this shampoo bar works its way within the hair follicles and hydrates the hair strands leaving it silky and smooth.

It also favours thickening the hair and making it more voluminous. It is made up of aloe vera and castor oil which are contributors to the growth of the hair.

Aloe Vera is an important part of the growth process and can be impactful when it comes to texture of the hair. 


Will attain silky and smooth hair. 



#9 – Dr. Harris and Co Arrington Shampoo Bar 

Besides the fact that the packaging of this shampoo bar is top notch it is the best shampoo bar for voluminous and thick hair.

It can strengthen the hair follicles and make the hair smooth and silky.

The best part about this shampoo bar is that it can be carried anywhere without much hassle because of its super compact packaging. 


The best product to attain thick and full hair. 


Not for fine hair.

#10 – HiBar Maintain Shampoo Bar 

This nature friendly shampoo bar swears by its plastic free production and also the involvement of safe and organic materials in their shampoo bar. This is sure to benefit your hair strands with its safe procedure.

It has a fresh scent of citrus and leaves the hair smelling and feeling amazing.

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Organic and eco friendly. 



#11 – Love Beauty And Planet Murumuru Butter and Rose Shampoo Bar

best eco friendly shampoo bar

Wondering if a shampoo bar is good for color-treated hair? This one is! The Love and Beauty product doesn’t strip your hair dye at all.

It doesn’t contain any surfactants like SLS or SLES. So your hair dye remains looking vibrant after several washes.

The shampoo bar contains several nourishing ingredients like shea butter, murumuru butter, and coconut oil that hydrate the strands.

So if you want shampoo bar that is moisturizing and keeps your hair clean, this one is a good choice.

We also liked how the product contains only ethically-sourced ingredients. So it’s easy on your conscience too.

The floral fragrance is sweet without being overpowering. However, the addition of a fragrance means this bar might cause sensitivities in people with eczema or other scalp issues.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Doesn’t strip hair color
  • Pleasant floral fragrance


  • Fragrance might be drying

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#12 – Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Clay Shampoo Bar

Most people wonder if shampoo bars are good for African American hair. Well, the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus bar is!

Unlike some shampoo bars that can leave your hair in tangles, this product glides through thick, coarse curls without causing knots and tangles.

The shampoo bar’s unique curved edge helps with that too. There’s coconut, hibiscus, and fair-trade shea butter to provide hydration to dry, high-porosity hair.

It’s also free of sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, propylene glycol, petrolatum and other harsh chemicals.

While this is a good thing for type 3 and type 4 curls that require more moisture, this bar can get too heavy if you have oily hair.

We also found that continuous use of this SheaMoisture shampoo bar leaves a lot of product build-up in your tresses.

After a while it makes your hair feel very greasy and leaves a wax-like residue behind.

So we suggest using something more clarifying every 2-3 weeks or doing an apple cider vinegar rinse if you’re using this shampoo bar.

We also suggest using a different shampoo bar if you’re main concern is volume as this can leave your hair looking limp.


  • Doesn’t tangle hair
  • Curved edge


  • Not for oily hair
  • Greasy, waxy residue
  • Weighs down hair

Since the use of shampoo bars has not been full fledged and has not marked its territory as much as regular shampoos have, there might be a lot of hesitation before purchasing or even considering one.

And that is totally understandable but allows us to take you through some features of shampoo bars to help you understand them better. Let us all list out some of our favourites from the above mentioned list, 

How to use a shampoo bar? 

 As mentioned before a shampoo bar is very much different than a regular shampoo. A regular shampoo is made in such a way that as soon as it is applied on the hair the lather is created and the rest of the process is easy.

But a shampoo bar has a few pointers that have to be kept in mind before it is used. 

  • Wet your hair well. 
  • Apply the shampoo bar directly onto the hair. 
  • Make sure you rub the shampoo bar from the bottom to the end of the strands. 
  • It is important to make sure pieces of the shampoo bar aren’t sticking onto the scalp or the strands. It could affect the texture. 
  • The shampoo bars take their time to create the lather so rub it onto the strands till you achieve it. 

Shampoo Bar vs Liquid Shampoo Bottles 

Feature Liquid Shampoo Bottle Shampoo Bars 
Treatment of hair This has elements that work their way through tangles giving you silky hair. More prone to tangles. 
Durability Moderate time period Can last for as long as 3 shampoo bottles 
CostDepends on brands Cost -effective 
Ingredients Mild chemicals String elements required to keep the shampoo bars for long. 

How do I keep my shampoo bar for a longer time? 

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 Like soap bars, shampoo bars require a lot of care when it comes to maintaining it. If it is left carelessly in your bathroom chances are that you are wasting it because shampoo bars are made for a longer period of time. 

  • Keep the shampoo bar in a tray. 
  • Keep away from sunlight. 
  • Do not leave the tray with water. Make sure it is empty and dry. 
  • After usage run it with water. 

Do I need to condition my hair after using a shampoo bar? 

If you have been using conditioners for your hair condition shampoo bars will not make an exception to that since it does not react differently with shampoo bars.

The only thing to watch out for is that your hair has to be thoroughly rinsed, leaving no residue. If you have tangly hair then a conditioner would be a good choice. 

Why do shampoo bars leave a residue behind? 

Since shampoo bars have wax in them to maintain them as bars, it is possible that there will be residue in your hair. The only solution to this is to rinse your hair thoroughly and make sure you don’t have wax sticking onto the hair.

While rubbing the shampoo bar on your hair make sure you don’t do it too hard and that it is done in a way that will only cleanse your hair strands and your scalp. 

Why does my hair feel waxy after using a shampoo bar?

Since the shampoo bars have the texture of your soap bars, be prepared to be all messy on the shower the first time you use it. Sometimes the shampoo bars have a reaction with the water and leave residue in the scalp.

This can be avoided if you rub the shampoo bar well with a little bit of water and apply the lather onto the hair strands and scalp.

Avoid rubbing the bar itself against your scalp, it can leave behind residue and parts of the hair can feel waxy. 

How long does it take for hair to adjust to a shampoo bar?

This depends on how your texture is. If you have fine hair, you need to be gentle for the shampoo bar to start working up on your scalp.

But if you have thick and coarse damaged hair, be careful not to leave behind parts of the bar on your scalp as it can negatively affect the strands and make it look greasy.

The way you use the shampoo bar is how soon you can get acclimated to the bar itself. 

Can shampoo bars cause hair loss?

Shampoo bars have existed for quite some time and were there even before conditioners were a thing. So chances that it can cause your hair strands to fall out is less.

But if you use it in a wrong way as listed above, like  leaving behind residue, it can negatively affect your strands and it may start breaking out. 

Always remember to wash your strands well after the lather is rubbed against the strands. 

How do you store shampoo bars in the shower?

You can use a case like you would a soap as it cannot melt further. But if you really want to preserve the state of the shampoo bar, wrapping plastic over the bar can help maintain the state of the shampoo bar. 

How do you transition to shampoo bars?

You need to snap out of the habit of using liquid shampoos if you are using shampoo bars and really wash off the residue thoroughly.

The consequence of leaving behind the wax of the shampoo bar is that it dries your hair strands out and in time it may start to fall off or even start breaking out. 

Shampoo bars can really be a great alternative to regular shampoo if you can take pointers from this article and choose from our top picks. It will help you maintain the texture of your hair.

We hope you make an informed choice based on the given products. 

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