5 Heat Protectant Oils For Straightening Hair 2022

by Helen Sroski

Here are some oils for straightening hair including coconut oil and argan oil that you can use before and after you straighten hair.

Straight hair looks so chic! Unfortunately, regular straightening can damage your locks. So it’s important to use the best oil for straightening hair to keep it healthy. 

I love the sleek, straight hair look. Voluminous waves and curls have their charms, but there is something just so sophisticated about the poker-straight look.

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But if you’re hair doesn’t naturally fall that way, you’ll have to use flat irons, straightening brushes, or even keratin treatments to make it straighter.

And regular heat and chemical straightening processes can damage your hair, ruining the straight hair look with frizz and split ends.

Even if you have naturally straight hair, changes in humidity and hair damage can leave your tresses dry, frizzy, and unruly.

Best Oils For Hair StraighteningBest ForChief Ingredients
GK HAIR Anti Frizz Hair SerumFrizzy HairJuvexin(Plant Keratin), Argan Oil
Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilCurly Hair100 Percent Pure, Virgin Coconut Oil
Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan OilDamaged Hair100 Percent Pure Moroccan Argan Oil
John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-day Flat Iron SerumFine, Thin HairBamboo Extracts, Hydrolyzed Keratin
HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat ProtectorAfrican American HairArgan Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Keratin

So what’s the solution to these problems. Just a simple oil for straightening hair. 

Yup! Applying a protective coat of oil before straightening hair and using a damage repair, frizz-control product afterward can do much for your smooth, silky locks.  

Here are a few top oils for straightening hair that I suggest you try out to keep your locks healthy and shiny.

How I tested the best oil for straightening hair?

After looking at several oils in the market that promised straight, silky hair, I selected these 5 top products and tested them on basis of the following parameters. With some help from my hair care team, I then rated these oils on a scale of 1-5.

  • Moisturization – These oils should add and retain moisture on your tresses
  • Frizz Control – They should prevent frizzy hair and keep your strands smooth
  • Heat Protection – The oils should prevent any lasting damage due to heat styling tools

Top Oils For Straightening Hair 2022

GK HAIR Anti Frizz Hair Serum

Top Oils For Straightening Hair 2022

Okay, okay. Some of you might think it’s cheating to add a serum to this list. But this product is one of the best oil for straightening hair due to the inclusion of argan oil.

It contains 100 percent pure argan oil, which is actually a fantastic pre-straightening oil due to its low smoking point. 

But what impressed me most about this GK Hair serum is the Juvexin or plant-derived keratin protein in the formula. 

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It penetrates deep into your strands to fortify them. So your locks are protected from any heat styling-related damage.

So it doesn’t just smoothen your locks and keep the frizz away, it also helps repair split ends and nourish hair follicles.

This GK serum is also fantastic for taming flyaways. But don’t worry it doesn’t contain dimethicone.

There are water-soluble silicones in this product. But as they wash away easily there is no worry of product build-up.

The only thing that disappointed me about the GK hair serum was the added perfume in the ingredients list. 

It might not suit everyone, especially people who have dry, itchy scalps. Also,  I found the smell a bit overwhelming.


  • Natural keratin protein that protects hair from damage
  • Pure argan oil formula helps smoothen frizz and flyaways
  • Protects from heat as it has a low smoking point
  • Water soluble silicones won’t cause buildup


  • Contains added perfume that might not suit dry, itchy hair types


  • Moisturization – 4/5
  • Frizz Control – 4.5/5
  • Heat Protection – 4/5

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

If you’re looking for an oil that will keep your newly straightened hair smooth and frizz-free for a long time, you should consider coconut oils.

What I liked about this 100 percent pure, organic coconut oil by Viva Naturals is that it’s perfect for use as an oil for straightening hair as it helps tame flyaways and nourishes dry, damaged hair.

However you should remember that this product is pure coconut oil and has a low smoking point so you should apply it after you use a flat iron and not before. 

I selected this particular brand of coconut oil because of its food grade. This means that the oil is free from perfumes, preservatives, and additives, and can be used for cooking too.

So it’s absolutely safe for sensitive skin or those with issues like psoriasis. 

I also liked that this is a budget alternative to other hair straightening products as it doubles as a body moisturizer, hair oil, and hand cream too.

It’s cold-pressed too. So this coconut oil is packed with nutrients that strength, shine, and softness to your locks. 

The only issue I had with this oil is it’s heaviness. It’s certainly not for fine, thin hair as it weighs your strands down, especially since straight hair is already prone to oiliness.


  • Food grade, organic and 100 percent natural oil
  • Helps moisturize dry hair and control frizz
  • Can be used as hair oil, body oil or cooking oil too
  • Vitamin-rich so it helps in damage repair and hair growth


  • Fine hair can get limp after using this oil
  • It’s comedogenic so not for those with scalp acne
  • Cannot be used as heat protectant as it has a low smoking point


  • Moisturization – 5/5
  • Frizz Control – 4.5/5
  • Heat Protection – 3/5

Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

I’ve always used a heat protectant oil or serum before using a hair straightener, especially since my type 4c hair is so prone to damage.

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But some of these products have perfumes, preservatives, etc. which did not agree with my scalp. 

And then I came across this little hack of using argan oil as a substitute for heat protectant spray.

Argan oil has a high smoking point so it doesn’t fry your hair on the application of heat. It instead forms a coating around them, protecting them from harm. 

But this effect is somewhat reduced if the product has other components like perfumes, filler oils, etc. So I started using this Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil.

It is cold-pressed and 100 percent pure and organic. It’s really worth the price as a little goes a long way with this lightweight oil.

And you can let your boyfriend or husband use it as a beard growth oil as well. Full value for money! 


  • 100 percent pure and cold pressed so it’s safe for sensitive scalps or those with inflammation
  • Acts as a natural heat protectant due to high smoking point
  • Moisturizes hair as it’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids
  • Can be used as a beard oil and moisturizer too


  • None that I could find


  • Moisturization – 4/5
  • Frizz Control – 4.5/5
  • Heat Protection – 5/5

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-day Flat Iron Serum

Straight hair folks, this one’s for you!

Now if you’re wondering why someone with straight hair will require oil for straightening hair, I’ve got just one word to say to you. Frizz.

Even if you have straight hair it can get difficult to make your tresses lie smooth. Especially if you’re hair texture is more type 1c or 2a. 

So a serum that can control humidity-related changes in your hair and prevent frizz becomes necessary.

And this John Frieda Serum is good for removing tangles and knots from your hair too. It has bamboo extract and hydrolyzed quinoa to help keep puffy, unruly hair at bay. 

I really liked how you can use it as a heat protectant serum if required or just use it after drying your natural hair. 

I don’t recommend this for African American hair that requires more moisturization. Also, this one’s not great for people with sensitive scalps either as it contains perfume.

I was also disappointed to see silicones in the ingredients list. 


  • Tames flyaways and frizz 
  • Protects hair from heat
  • Helps prevent tangles


  • A bit greasy on drying
  • Contains silicones
  • Not good for African American hair


  • Moisturization – 3/5
  • Frizz Control – 4/5
  • Heat Protection – 4.5/5

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector

I have curly, coarse hair and this means frequently have to use a hair straightening iron or brush to keep my hair smooth and straight. 

And as you can imagine, I was terrified of damaging my hair. So a heat protectant oil or spray is my number one priority.

After much research, I settled on this HSI Professional heat protect spray for my daily use. It can protect your tresses from a temperature of up to 450-degree F. 

straight hair oil

I really liked that it contained argan oil which is in itself a natural heat protector. 

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And that’s not all, there is also wheat germ oil and hydrolyzed keratin in here that nourishes my hair and keeps the baby hair from getting out of place.

It also contains perfume, which suited my scalp just fine when I started using it. But the product might not be so good if you have dry, itchy scalps.


  • Protects up to 450-degree F temperature
  • Added argan oil
  • Leaves hair shiny and soft
  • Helps repair damage


  • Added perfume
  • Not a natural product


  • Moisturization – 4/5
  • Frizz Control – 3.5/5
  • Heat Protection – 5/5

What To Consider Before Buying Oil For Straightening Hair (Buying Guide)

100% Pure & Organic

If you’re buying oil for straightening hair, it’s best to go for products that are 100% pure and organic.

By 100% pure I mean there are no other components in the oil apart from it. 

If there is no harmful substance in it, then these oils are not only great for straightening hair but also help nourish scalp and hair. 

Some heat protectant oils come with added materials that help coat the strands in a protective layer. So this is something you can’t really avoid.

But if you’re looking for an oil to apply after straightening your hair, going for a 100% pure one is the best choice. 

Cold Pressed

Now there is a lot of fuss around “cold-pressed” oils and rightly so. These oils are extracted naturally from the seeds of the plants and do not undergo any multi-stage refinement process. 

Neither are they subjected to large amounts of heat that change their chemical properties.

This helps retain the vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants in the oil. 

Cold-pressed oils are pure, nutrient-rich, and much better for your tresses than regular oils. 

oil to apply before straightening hair

No Preservatives, Fragrance or Fillers

I always look at the ingredients label of oil for straightening hair before buying it. Check if there are any preservatives, artificial colors, scents, and fillers, and avoid these.

Some preservatives like parabens and phthalates are known to cause health issues, while filler material like vegetable oils only make you throw your money down the drain.

A lot of these oils have fragrances to appeal to users. But these heavy perfumes can dry your scalp. Plus, they can trigger inflammation on sensitive skin too.

Heat Protection 

Imagine subjecting your lovely strands to 400-degree F of heat without any protection. *shudders* What a nightmare! 

So if you’re selecting any oil to apply before straightening your hair, please select one with heat-resistant properties. 

These form a coating around your strands and prevent the cuticles and inner structural proteins from getting


A lot of women avoid hair oils as they feel these products leave hair limp and greasy.

But this is not true at all! You just have to select the right hair oil depending on your hair type, scalp, and styling needs.

I’ve listed out five such oils for straightening hair that can help you get smoother, frizz-free locks and also keep your hair protected from the ill effects of heat from flat irons and blow dryers.

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Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

The best oil for straightening hair prevents frizz and protects hair from heat damage from flat irons. The Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is suitable for all hair types.

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