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If you have curly hair you will know that the perks and the cons of having that hair type weigh each other out. While on most days those shiny curls are just bouncing their way on others you wish you could just shave your head off. We are here to help you achieve the former by presenting to some of the best hairsprays for curly hair.

Hairsprays can help with keeping your curls intact despite your activities that are capable of disrupting it. But the hardest part is to choose a hairspray that doesn’t harm your hair strands and texture but keep it right in place. We are sure the list we have will help you make the right choice for your curly hair. 

Top Hairsprays for curly hair 2021

 #1 – Tigi Bed head masterpiece hairspray for curly hair 

best hair sprays

The reason this is number one is because of how long this hairspray can last on your hair. It doesn’t allow your hair to get tangled. It works magic by exuding shine and bounce.

The hairspray does not work too harshly on the hair unlike some hairsprays, so you don’t have to worry about the safety factor. 

It has a tropical berry scent which is our favourite aspect of this hairspray. It keeps the hair smelling fresh all day long!

The price you pay for this hairspray is totally worth it according to us. 


Keep the hairspray at least 8 inch away from your hair while spraying it on your hair. 

#2 – DevaCurl Flexible hold hairspray for curly hair 

hairsprays for curly hair

This hairspray is rightly named ‘flexible’ as it holds the hair while also letting your curls bounce! 

Most times when hairsprays are used, the hair tends to become firm and rough but the DevaCurl hairspray works well with curly hair allowing it to be flowy while keeping the curls intact. The hairspray is lavender scented which makes it all the more desirable. DevaCurl is also sulphate and paraben-free promising safety for its users. 


Run your fingers through your hair strands after spraying it on. This can make the stiffness go away, if any! 

#3 – Moroccanoil Luminous hairspray for curly hair 

top hairsprays for curly hair

The Moroccanoil hairspray is infused with argan oil and is chemical- free. It is known for its long lasting reaction on the hair keeping it curly and bouncy all day long. It’s also easy to wash.

Some hair sprays have a tendency to stick to the hair strands, making them appear greasy and oily.

The container is lightweight which makes it super convenient. 


Hold 10 inches from the hair while spraying it. 

#4 –  Osis Elastic finish hairspray for curly hair 

top best hair sprays for curly hair

This hairspray from Schwarzkopf is one of the best out there in spite of its high pricing.

It can work wonders on your hair by allowing you to remain shiny and bouncy while also making sure your hair is in the best of health. We felt the scent was a little strong so make sure to use it mildly.

The good news is that even using a minimal amount would suffice for your hair as it keeps the hair upright.

Known as one of the best hairsprays for humidity, it has the ability to retain moisture as well. 


Use the hair spray at a decent distance and use only little. Spread it across with  your fingers so that it is in perfect form. 

#5 – L’Oreal Paris Elnett satin hairspray for curly hair 

curly hairsprays

This hairspray from L’Oreal is by far one of the best products according to customer reviews. 

It is humidity resistant and can remain unfazed by other climatic conditions.

Style your hair first and then use the hairspray as the final action as the form of your hair will tend to disappear if brushed after it is sprayed.

It is exceptionally good for curly hair as it keeps the curls intact and in form throughout the day. 


Keep the hairspray at distance while spraying it on your hair. 

#6 – Redken Forceful 23 Finishing hairspray for curly hair 

redken hairspray for curly hair

This hairspray has the capability to hold the curls firm while also locking the moisture of your hair, Its prime feature is that it prevents your hair from drying out and looking flaky.

It keeps your curls intact for almost 8 hours which is impressive.

The inclusion of antioxidants and Vitamin E keeps your hair intact and healthy. This is one of the best hair sprays for curly hair. 


Make sure this is used as the finish touch as it needs time to dry so that it can last long. 

#7 – Nexxus Frizz Protection hairspray for curly hair 

hairspray brands for curly

This hairspray from Nexxus is capable of reducing frizz by 87% and is an amazing repellent of tangles.

The hairspray leaves the hair soft and untangled. Since it is infused with coconut oil and argan oil it leaves your hair refreshed and healthy.

The product is also one of the best hairsprays for dry hair. It allows the hair to retain moisture and keep its composure when exposed to different climatic conditions, especially humidity. 


Use a minimal amount after styling your hair as the odour can be strong. 

#8 – Biosilk finishing hairspray for curly hair 

effective curly hairspray

Even though this hairspray works wonders for all hair types, it is exceptionally effective on curly hair as it helps contain the composure of dry hair and gets rid of tangles and dryness.

It enhances the shine  of the hair and allows it to last for a very long time. The best part is that using this hairspray during styling is a possibility as much as a finishing touch. 


Keep the hairspray at an appropriate distance from your hair and avoid contact with the eyes. 

#9 – Beauty without cruelty hairspray for curly hair 

top hairsprays for curly hair

This hairspray has a Pro-Vitamin B formula which is extremely nourishing for your hair strands keeping it protected from external pollutants. This brand has been around for quite a long time and has built a reputation which is known for its amazing produce in trustworthy hair products. 

The hairspray is long lasting and can create a very appealing impact on the hair strands. The best part is that it has botanical extracts like lavender, cucumber and rosemary which blends well to nourish the hair. 


Since it is chemical-free, the action on the hair might be a little mild so using it in moderate quantities will not harm your hair. 

#10 – Love Beauty and Planet hairspray for curly hair 

The name of the product itself gives forms a trust with the customer as the ingredients used in this hairspray are safe to use and are made for the well being of your hair. It produces a very natural and mild scent which does not act too much unlike other alcohol based hair sprays that are out there in the market. It comes in a very sleek packaging which is very convenient to hold. 

We can vouch that you can trust this hairspray for its working on the hair. 

#11 – Ouai Hairspray for curly hair

best texturising curly hairspray

Knwon for how well it sits with all hair types with its top rated products Ouai is one of the most renowned hair brand in the world.

If you have thin curly hair and are looking for a product to boost the texture of your hair – you have the right pick.

The texture and volume of your curly hair can be taken up a notch with this hairspray by using it every time you go out. Because of its lightweight formula you don’t have to worry about it leaving your hair greasy.

Now that you know the best hairsprays for curly hair, here are some tips that will come in handy when you are trying hard to maintain your curly hair. These queries have come in from people who have genuinely tried to maintain their hair texture. 

Is hairspray good for curly hair? 

Sometimes it can be hard to hold the curls. They might be less defined or during other times, it can just become frizzy with unattentive habits. Using a hairspray can change but these hair issues by defining it more and holding it firm. 

Even though some of these hair sprays are not appropriate for everyday usage, there are others that can be made as part of your hair routine and give you healthy curly hair.

How to use a hairspray on curly hair? 

Hair experts have time and again stressed on the right procedure to apply hair spray on curly hair as it can have impacts on the health of your hair and can even contribute to it deteriorating, 


Water is never a good ingredient for hairsprays, especially for curly hair. This may sound bizarre as water is something that can never cause negative effects on our body, let alone hair. It has been found that the hairsprays that have water dominating other ingredients, have had the tendency to leave the hair sticky and greasy. 

  • Always make sure you apply hairspray on damp hair. This applies only to curly hair as the hairspray will help your hair remain in its essence. 
  • You can also use the hairspray as the final touch. There are different hairsprays that cater to this function, you can pick them out from our list. This is mostly used when you are styling your hair. The hairspray then acts as the protective aspect of keeping your hairstyle as it is and firm. 

How do I make my curly hair not frizzy? 

This is a common issue all curly haired girls face. Most times when you brush your hair, the strands seem to look out separate and frizzy. There are certain steps to follow to avoid frizz if you have curly hair, 

  • Don’t shampoo your hair too often. 
  • Choose the right haircut. For instance, if you have thick and curly hair, getting a layered cut would be a good option as it keeps your hair intact and in its place. 
  • Make sure you use a good conditioner and use it often. Though a conditioner can help keep your hair composed it can also ruin your hair if it is not washed properly. So make sure you rinse your hair completely after using a conditioner. 
  • Avoid using hair brushes and stick to combes instead. 

How do you calm frizzy curly hair? 

Besides using the above-mentioned hairsprays, you can try natural means to reduce frizz. 

Frizzy hair is a hair type and sometimes it is a consequence of bad hair habits. Your hair requires proper hydration and moisturization and when this is lacking, your hair tends to become frizzy. 

  • Oiling your hair every now and then and bathing with lukewarm water can really change the state of your hair. Hot water can damage your hair and can make disruptive changes to the texture of your hair. 
  • Style your hair with appropriate and safe products like the ones we mentioned above can create a safe atmosphere for your hair to become lush and soft. 
  • Your hair can also change texture with the season and humidity can be the main reason for your curly hair to become frizzy. 

We hope these hairsprays and tips will help you embrace your curly hair!

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