Best Edge Up Clippers 2022

by Tommy Sroski

Edge up clippers can really save you that trip to the salon that you have been postponing for days. They help in getting a great finish to your hairline, neck and detailing or cleaning up your beard and mustache at the comfort of your home without any professional help. 

It is such a great investment and should be a staple in your grooming kit since it saves time and money while perfecting your look in a matter of a few minutes. Professional edge-up clippers have been rising in popularity for quite some time now because of their efficiency and changes in men’s hairstyles over the years. 

Check out some of the best edge up clippers that you can depend on to last long. 

Top Edge Up Clippers 2021

Andis Professional Outliner II Square Blade trimmer

best edge up clippers

This popular professional machine has a T-blade trimmer that guarantees crisp outlines and designs. It has a high-speed magnetic motor that is powerful but does not make any noise. It helps in all-around outlining, dry-shaving as well as fading effortlessly.

This is a corded trimmer that is attached to an 8-foot cord with a hanger loop. The blade is a close-cutting carbon-steel trimmer blade that can be zero-gapped to achieve your desired style. At 7200 strokes per minute, it lets you trim your beard, fix your hairline and neck and line up with great precision.

Wahl detailer

edge clippers

This is one of the most visually appealing and good-looking trimmers available in the market. This machine is light-weight and is perfect for detailing and designing your facial hair. It comes with three attachment combs for achieving your desired style and it comfortably fits in your hand with a good grip.

It has a powerful motor that can glide through any hair texture, no matter how thick or thin your hair is. It has a 5 inch long five-star detailer that is only 6.9 ounces heavy.

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The kit comes with all the accessories that are available with professionals such as the trimmer, three extra-wide T-shaped trimming guides (1/16 inch, ⅛ inch and 3/16 inch), a cleaning brush, a clipper blade oil, red blade guard and operating instructions.

Andis 26700 professional Styliner II T-blade trimmer

top edge clippers

The Styliner contains a magnetic motor trimmer that assists in outlining and shaping your edges with great precision. The fine cutting teeth of the outlier are especially helpful while detailing your beard and moustaches.

The best feature of this trimmer is that it has a quiet and cool-running motor that doesn’t heat the machine even after prolonged use which is not a common feature in its counterparts.

It is flexible to use because it has an 8 foot cord that allows easy movement.

It gives you a good grip and better control while trimming because of the high-quality carbon construction.

Wahl Bump Prevent Battery trimmer

wahl edge up clippers

This trimmer focuses on giving you a smooth trimming experience without the annoying razor bumps or any other irritations.

The three close trim attachments that come with the trimmer helps in achieving different styles of detailing in your beard, moustache and hairline.

It also has self-sharpening blades that sharpen itself every time you turn it on. It also prolongs the life of the product.

It comes with a Bump prevent battery trimmer, three attachment combs, a moustache comb, a blade guard, 2 AA batteries, a storage base, cleaning brush and blade oil.

This is a battery-operated trimmer that gives you a hassle-free trimming experience and it is portable.

Wahl Stainless steel Lithium Ion+ trimmer

ion trimmer for moustache and beard

This multipurpose trimmer allows you to cut, trim, Groom and detail with its advanced lithium ion performance and  high tech design.

The different heads that come with it, helps you in manscaping as well. It has powerful Lithium + Iron technology that allows a run time of up to six hours after an hour of charging.

The various shaving heads and combs that come with it helps in achieving a variety of looks. This versatile trimmer comes with twelve easy to use beard attachment guards that range from 1/16” to 1”

. The clipper heads include a T-blade, detailed trimmer, detailed shaver and an ear/nose/brow trimmer.

Pro-mate T-precisioner Professional trimmer

professional hair clipper

This is a good alternative for the high-performance trimmers used by professionals in salons to get clean and precise edges. It has a sleek design that gives you a firm grip and better control over the machine. It can also be used by beginners and amateur users. 

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It has an improved magnetic motor that helps you dry shave and achieves smooth edges.It uses advanced plasma technology DLC blades to maintain the consistency of the cut. It is a little expensive compared to its counterparts but it comes with a luxurious set of blades that are easy to change.

Babyliss Pro Barberology 

best quality edge clippers for men

This trimmer is ideal for professionals and amateurs alike. It can be used on your sideburns, neckline, hairline, moustache and beard. Even though it is slightly on the pricier side, you are getting a lot of extra benefits. You can use it either cordless or with a cord. 

It helps in achieving clean and sleek edges and doing the finishing touches with its precise blades.

It also comes with a charging stand which is super handy. It is also suitable for dry shaving which means you don’t have to waste your time prepping your hair. 

Wahl Professionals 5 star Razor Edger

razor edge clippers

This trimmer is recommended for professional use to get extremely close trimming and achieve crisp edges. The razor close cuts are achievable with the help of the 5-star razor edger. Despite being powered by a strong electromagnetic motor, it doesn’t get heated after prolonged use.

This trimmer comes with 3 t-blade guards, pro set tool, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and red blade guard. It also comes with an 8-foot chemical resistant chord. It has an ergonomic design that gives you a good grip and control over the trimmer and great build quality.

Andis Professional T-outliner

professional edge clippers

This trimmer runs on a magnetic motor that allows you to dry shave and trim efficiently. It’s close cutting, carbon steel T-blade helps in achieving precise lines and edges on your hairline, neckline, beard and moustache.

It has a high carbon body type and comes with hardened blades which guarantees the longevity of the product.

It saves time since it allows you to dry shave, you do not have to prep your hair before trimming. You can adjust the consistent and sharp blades of this trimmer to achieve your desired style and look in a matter of minutes.

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With various features and an extended lifetime, the product offers great value for your money.

An Edge up clipper has a sharp blade that helps in precise definition and gives a comfortable hold that lets you be in control while edging. Let’s look at some of the factors you should look out for while buying an edge-up trimmer:

  • Blades– The quality of the blades play a huge role in your trimming experience since the right blade can speed up the process and simplify it for you. Stainless steel blades are highly recommended for smooth and effortless trimming and it lasts longer. Self-sharpening blades are also a good option since it lasts longer and the quality of the trim is consistent even after prolonged use.
  • Body– Finding the right size and grip is important for your trimmer is important since you don’t wanna leave any room for mistakes while trimming. There are a variety of body types and shapes available and it is important to make the right choice according to your comfort.
  • Multifunctional– There are a number of edge up clippers available with multiple heads and combs for different parts of the body. Some trimmers and clippers can be used from head-to-toe for manscaping purposes. Selecting a versatile clipper means that you don’t have to spend extra bucks on manscaping kits and it helps in reducing e-waste generation. There are also wired and wireless clippers available which give different benefits. Wireless clippers give you the freedom of movement and flexibility while wired clippers give you prolonged periods of usage.
  • Motor– The motor of the trimmer determines the efficiency of the machine. Ideally, it should be noise-free and should make sure that the clipper doesn’t get heated fast. A magnetic motor is the most common type of motor used and it ensures consistent and neat results.

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Edge up clipper

Wahl is one of the leading brands that provide us with some top-notch accessories for hair and skin which has the high-quality performance.

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