The 10 Best Curling Wand For Short Hair 2022 | Tried And Tested Curling Irons!

by Tommy Sroski

Want a mini curling wand for short hair for beautiful curls or beachy waves? Here I have reviewed the top curling irons including brands like Babyliss, GHD, and more.

For those of us who have curly locks, I realise how blessed and easy we have it! 

But for them gals who long to have curls, you know how hard it can be to use a curling iron especially when you have short hair. The process of having to curl your short hair can be taxing with the fear of burning yourself in the neck. 

But to keep your dreams of gaining those curls, I have a better solution. Using a curling wand can make life so much easier. So check out the best curling wand for short hair.

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Curling wands for short hairBest ForBarrel Material
Hot tools professional curling wand 
Fine short hairCeramic
BaByliss Pro curling wand
Thick short hairTitanium
InfinitiPro curling wand 
Wavy short hairCeramic
NuMe octowand curling wand 
Frizzy short hairTourmaline Ceramic
Infiniti pro tourmaline ceramic curling wand 
For beachy wavesTourmaline Ceramic
Bedhead curlipops ceramic curling wand 
Damaged short hairCeramic
T3 whirl trio curling wand 
For creating tight ringletsCeramic
Drybar 3 day curling wand 
For body waves Ceramic
Ghd curve wand 
For loose curls Ceramic

How I tested the best curling wands and irons for short hair?

I have a short bob at the moment and hair that is straight naturally. I used each of these curling wands on my own tresses to see how it goes. I also rated them on a scale of 1-5 based on the following criteria.

Length of the Barrel – This is what makes the curling wand suitable for short hair. If you have a large barrel then the short strands will simply slip through the wand and not curl at all.

Material of the Barrel – Most curling wands come with ceramic tourmaline barrels that ensure quick heating and even distribution of heat. Ceramic especially doesn’t get too hot and therefore is good for thin, fragile hair. However, thick hair types might prefer titanium barrels as they heat up faster and curl better.

Utility Factor – Here I checked how ergonomically feasible the wand is (how easy it is to use), how many functions, heat settings it comes with, etc. I noted if the price matched the functions and features offered as well.

Top Curling Wand For Short Hair 2022

Hot tools professional curling wand 

best curling wand for short hair

I am very particular about owning an efficient hair curling tool for our hair. This one from hot tools provides exactly that. 

What I love about this curling wand for short hair is that it distributes heat evenly and has a grip that is so comfortable. If you have fine thin hair and are worried about the heat damaging your tresses, this is a good tool to use.

The heating capacity is upto 430 F, so you can always turn up the heat if you want to curl faster or have thicker hair.

However, the ceramic barrel (which ensures the curling wand doesn’t get too heated) is not for everyone. If you have thick hair, the heat might not be enough and the wand won’t curl your hair properly or hold the curls well.

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So I suggest only women with thin or damaged hair stick to it.

Now coming to the build of the curling wand, women with short hair look for is a tool that does not overpower their palms when they are using it to curl their hair. 

mini curling wand for short hair

And this wand has a sleek build and allows you to hold it without being much of a liability. 

Another great thing about this curling wand is that it does not require you to rotate your wrist because it does it for you. 

To sum it up, I think this is a great hair styling tool if you have fine hair. But if you want a regular old curling wand, this is a bit too expensive. Go for Babyliss or InfinitiPro instead.


  • Temperature goes upto 450F so you can control the level of heat supplied to your hair
  • The handle is very easy to hold and helps curl short hair without rotating your wrist too much
  • Ceramic barrel doesn’t heat up too quickly or too much preventing heat damage to hair


  • The ceramic, low temperature barrel will not hold curls on thicker hair that require more heat
  • Expensive for the amount of features offered.

My Ratings:

  • Length of the Barrel – 4/5
  • Material of the Barrel – 4.5/5
  • Utility Factor – 4/5

BaByliss Pro Curling Wand

babyliss curling wand for short hair

BaByliss is always there on our list because of the top notch hair products they continuously list out. Not only are they made up of great quality but they’re also very efficient and last a long time. 

So I simply had to try this curling wand out. And the results were… mixed to say the least.

Let’s start off with the good part. The lever present on the hair wand allows you to deal with frizzy and wavy hair to allow defined curls to be formed. 

So you can use it for beachy waves, ringlets, and other variations of curls without a hitch.

babyliss curling iron for short hair

Also, using this hair wand made my hair silky smooth as it comes with ionic technology. This means the curling iron adds negatively charged ions to your hair to prevent static.

The hair wand gets heated very quickly which means it comes in handy for those who have rush to work in the morning. 

And therein lies the issue. Coming to the “bad” parts, it gets heated VERY fast. So I suggest keeping the temperature at a minimum when starting.

The barrel is made of titanium which heats up to a high temperature and holds heat. So while it’s a fantastic thing for thicker hair that need more heat to change texture, it can be absolutely disastrous for thin hair.

If you’re using this on fragile, damaged hair you’ll be burning your hair off, let me warn you. So make sure you keep in mind your hair thickness and health before buying this curling wand.


  • Titanium material gets heated quickly and upto a high temperature so you can get defined curls quickly
  • Comes with ionic technology that smoothens frizzy hair


  • Not for thin fragile hair as the titanium barrel gets heated too quickly

My Ratings:

  • Length of the Barrel – 4.5/5
  • Material of the Barrel – 3.5/5
  • Utility Factor – 4/5

InfinitiPro curling wand 

best automatic hair curler for short hair

I think the best choice for women with short hair is a handy and a small version of a flat iron – and that is exactly what InfinitiPro curling wand is. 

Another reason to hop on board and buy this hair wand is that it works across all hair types and treated each one the way it deserves to be treated. 

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So unlike the Hot Tools iron it doesn’t lower the heat to prevent damage nor does it turn it up all the way like the Nano Titanium Babyliss wand does.

It offers heat upto 400 F and comes with 5 different heat levels. I was glad of this because you can go from a lower heat to a higher heat setting depending on your hair texture. This makes the product more versatile.  

This comes in two colors – black and blue. I got the blue one because why not!

infiniti pro automatic hair curler for short hair

Another thing I really liked about this product is that maximum amount of time it takes to heat up the curling wand is 30 seconds. So I don’t have to wait in the mornings!

ceramic hair curler for short hair

The only drawback I could find about this curling wand is the price. And honestly? I feel this tool is worth it!


  • Temperature goes upto 400F so it’s suitable for thick hair as well
  • The tourmaline ceramic material doesn’t damage thin hair by overheating
  • You can control heat supplied to your hair as it comes with 5 different heat settings.


  • Expensive

My Ratings:

  • Length of the Barrel – 5/5
  • Material of the Barrel – 4.5/5
  • Utility Factor – 4.5/5

NuMe octowand curling wand 

best curling iron for short hair beachy waves

I know what you’re thinking. 

How does a curling wand for short hair also resemble a weapon of some sorts!

I belive the aesthetics is one of the biggest selling factor of this hair curling wand. 

But believe us, this is not all. 

The curling wand comes in different sizes of barrels and allows you to style different hair types in various styles effortlessly. 

The material that this curling wand is made up is tourmaline which explains how it is safe for the hair. 

best curling iron for short thin hair

This proves that your short hair can be styled very easily with the respective barrels that will help you style your hair without burning or bruising your hair while you’re at it. 

The only thing that would hold someone back from purchasing this curling wand is the price which is exorbintant for the features offered.

My Ratings:

  • Length of the Barrel – 4/5
  • Material of the Barrel – 4.5/5
  • Utility Factor – 3/5

Infiniti pro tourmaline ceramic curling wand 

best curling iron for short hair 2022

The infinitipro hair wand is one of the best choices you can make for short hair as it is affordable and super handy as well. 

As you can see from the image above, the design is made in a way that it allows you to style without exerting too much effort into separating your hair strands. 

rotating curling iron for short hair

The long stick allows you not to stretch your arm too much towards your hair. This avoids aches in your arm and also gives you an easy way around styling your hair every morning. 

The best feature that this curling wand has is that it has a safe heating option which allows your iron not to overheat. 

best rotating curling iron for short hair

My Ratings:

  • Length of the Barrel – 4/5
  • Material of the Barrel – 4.5/5
  • Utility Factor – 4/5

Bedhead curlipops ceramic curling wand 

Here’s yet another one that I can vouch for the shine and gloss of your hair. 

Having short hair and maintaining the gloss can be quite pressurizing. 

Bedhead makes sure that with this curling wand life gets simple and all you have to do is heat up the device for an appropriate amount of time and the rest is a piece of cake. 

It gets heated to up to 400 F which is safe enough to keep your hair strands and allow it to exude shine. 

This curling wand is best suited for straight hair as it does have the capacity to form some definitive strong curls. 

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The best part is that it comes with a tangle free swivel cord which is a god sent for those who have tangles. 

T3 whirl trio curling wand 

For those of you like to have choices and a good variety. 

Why have one when you can have 3 efficient ones. 

This way you can use one after your hair grows longer as well. 

The barrels that come with the curling wand can be used for styling your hair in different ways and allows you to have a back style always. 

The curling wand allows your hair to be silky smooth and shiny at all times. 

The curling wand allows you to style the hardest and the most kinkiest of hair types. It comes with an auto shut off feature which makes sure you have the right amount of time on your hand to heat it up. 

Drybar 3 day curling wand 

Drybar is an interesting brand that caters to different appliances and tends to every need in a sophisticated way. 

This 1 inch curling wand allows you to style your hair without the pressure of turning all the way back to get your hair all over. 

The stick is pretty long which allows you to use the least of your efforts and brings some exciting results on your hair. 

This is especially meant for short hair as the device is just the right size. The device can eliminate frizz and bring back your shine back in no time. 

Ghd curve wand 

GHD is  a well known brand which has always provided women with some really efficient and good quality hair products and appliances. 

The ghd hair curling iron is used the most to create consistent and definitive curls and allows your curls to last for a long time. 

This could be a wise choice for those who are particular about time since it takes only 20 seconds to heat up. 

Holding the curling iron on your hair for around 8 seconds and twist it around to form some nice curls on your hair. 

Paul Mitchel curling wand 

Paul Mitchell is another brand which will take off all your doubts about hair care and gives you the best experience using these appliances. 

The gold barrel that it comes with this curling iron looks at faster heating and more importantly safe for the hair strands. 

This makes sure that your hair is not affected by the heat and I am sure that this appliance will last a long time. 

The temperature settings on this hair wand are such that it can be adjusted and used according to the styling needs of your hair. 

The temperature can also be locked so that you can be consistent about your heating needs. 

Is curling iron better than a curling wand? 

When it comes to curling for short hair a curling wand is much better as it is easier to hold and has a better effect on your hair strands. 

Not only this, the curling wand is a much easier appliance to use on women with shorter hair and does not have inconvenience with it. 

Besides this, curling wands are smaller in size and can be stored efficiently in your wardrobe. 

I hope that this list helps you make the right choice for some awesome styles and above all – the wellbeing of your hair!

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