8 Incredible Benefits Of Honey On Natural Hair | DIY Recipes & Effect On Hair Growth

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Here is a list of all the benefits of honey on natural hair, how to use it as a hair mask and whether honey can benefit hair growth.

As most of us are already well aware of the fact, scrumptious and sweet honey is a great sweetener. I absolutely love using it in both my savory and sweet recipes in the kitchen. 

Besides the fact that it offers a lot of  therapeutic properties, did you know that honey in fact has some awesome hair conditioning properties? Just in case you didn’t know this, it is very true. 

What is even more fascinating is the fact that it contains useful ingredients for boosting hair growth. 

Dealing with hair fall is not an easy task, but using honey will not only help boost your hair growth but also help stimulate hair regrowth from dormant follicles. 

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I think we underestimate the power and role honey has to offer and it is more than just a  ‘sticky sweetener.’ 

Honey is a wonderful natural hair product that will give your hair extra volume and shine when used by itself or  along with other natural hair treatments. 

In this article, we discuss in detail all the numerous benefits of honey and how even a little honey could make all the difference.

Benefits Of Honey On Natural Hair 2022

Honey Contains Lot Of Vitamins And Minerals That Strengthen Natural Hair 

Benefits of Honey on Natural Hair

Honey contains natural microelements along with more than sixty different kinds of enzymes and substances that stimulate blood circulation, and prevent brittle hair and dryness. 

This is also because of its incredible properties of B vitamins (B2, B3, B6), H, E, K, as well as pantothenic acids and folivaya. 

It also has necessary traces of copper, zinc, silicon, manganese, aluminum, lithium and more crucial components for our body. 

Due to this, it helps strengthen the hair with amazing anti-frizz and moisturizing properties to help reduce hair frizz, so that you no longer have to deal with the nightmare of  frizz effect.

Honey Has Antibacterial Properties That Fights Dandruff

using honey for dandruff natural hair

Say goodbye to dandruff with the magic of money. It has incredible antibacterial and antiseptic properties , so it can be used to get rid of dandruff successfully. 

As most of us have a problem with dry hair due to excessive shampoos, then honey might be a savior to this. 

There was a study done in 2001 by the European Journal of Medical Research which suggested that when you apply a ratio of 9:1 of honey and lukewarm water mixture for a period of three hours, it can relieve flaking and itching within a week. 

With this study, there was astounding improvement in hair loss and healing of skin lesions within two weeks. 

So, you see, you cannot argue over the fact that honey possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

These keep our hair free from fungus and bacteria and treat any itching and redness caused by the overgrowth of these microbes.

It Unclogs Hair Follicles Boosting New Hair Growth

Honey contains some amazing anti-microbial properties that can get rid of impurities which are responsible for  pore-clogging which will help promote your natural hair growth. 

Honey by itself is not going to add any volume to the growth rate but it will create an environment where optimal hair growth is favorable. 

As mentioned earlier, it is so rich in minerals and vitamins that this natural sweetener not only helps strengthen, nourish and hydrate the hair from roots but will make your hair more resistant and prevent excessive hair fall.

Honey Can Add Volume and Shine To Hair 

The cuticles of your  air strands get smoothened out because of its sticky and heavy nature. 

Not only does this help reduce frizz but increases the natural shine and luster of your hair. 

Combining small portions of honey ( approximately 5ml) with a little lukewarm water helps make all your frizz disappear and adds more shine and volume. 

Remember to always use organic or unadulterated  honey on your hair as that is pure and will help make your strands smoother.

Honey Helps Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

Honey is a humectant to help remove buildup and prevent dry scalp. 

It keeps hair moisturized and manageable as it draws moisture from the atmosphere into the hair strands to fight dryness. 

Honey also fights dry scalp and relieves us from unnecessary itching because it helps to remove buildup from the scalp.

Honey Is A Natural Hair Lightener

applying honey on hair side effects

You will be interested to know that when you combine honey and water, there are tiny portions of hydrogen peroxide that are created. 

Honey contains glucose oxidase which breaks down the glucose and leaves behind hydrogen peroxide in honey. This leads to hair lightening over a period of time. 

The peroxide here is natural and causes the hair to become light slowly so it can be compared to bleaching which is often used in synthetic hair dyes. 

Hydrogen peroxide can discolor pigment responsible for coloring hair called melanin.

Take caution while applying honey to your hair and make sure the health and integrity of your  hair is  maintained and damage is prevented. 

So, we can say that it contains bleaching properties and is responsible for making your hair one or two shades lighter by removing pigments from your hair.

It Functions As a Natural Conditioner for Hair and Scalp

benefits of raw honey on natural hair

A common DIY recipe involves using olive oil and honey which is so popular that it has been tried and tested many times. 

It is so simple and it is one of the best homemade deep conditioner recipes for your natural hair. 

These results are sensational and the ratio of the ingredients depends on your choice or preference. 

At the end of it, you are left with a softer and shinier hair so incorporating honey into your daily hair care routine. 

Keeping your scalp healthy is necessary and honey can make it very difficult for oil, dirt and other hair products to build up. 

We mainly use honey to cleanse our scalp and relieve oneself from severe conditions such as dermatitis and dandruff.

Honey Can Control Hair Aging By Protecting It From Damage

It is absolutely crucial to protect and repair existing damage to our hair especially from outside pollution and use of hair instruments like straighteners and dryers. 

We must protect our hair from future damage as well, so using honey from time to time will help prevent premature aging of our hair.

How to make a simple honey mask at home?

This homemade  hair mask is suitable for all hair types and can help hydrate the hair in depth.

What you will need?

  • Honey (room temperature)
  • Olive oil
  • A towel
  • A comb
  • A small bowl

Tip: Use honey at room temperature since it is very easy to apply and mix well. When mixed with olive oil which is rich in vitamins A and E and other fatty acids, they help fight and hydrate dry hair.

honey hair mask for natural hair


First, add the olive oil and honey both in equal parts in your small bowl. This will depend on the length of your hair so make sure to add more or less of these ingredients into the bowl. 

Next, mix them well until they are integrated completely. Although it can get a little tricky, it does get easier and you can use a large spoon or mixer to combine the ingredients together. 

Gently place the towel on your shoulders and apply your honey hair mask on each strand. Cover your hair with the towel for about fifteen minutes. 

Rinse your hair with normal shampoo and make sure you get rid of all the remains of the honey. 

Let your hair dry and there you go!

You can repeat this procedure for a couple of weeks to see the effectiveness of the results.

FAQs about the Benefits of Honey For Natural Hair

1)Does honey make our natural hair white?

No. Honey contains a special ingredient to lighten our natural hair but will not discolor it. This is actually a better and safer alternative to store bought bleach.

2) Is honey a good option  for hair loss?

Yes definitely! Honey is an emollient that helps to retain moisture in your hair. This serves as an excellent alternative to other conditioners which can damage your hair and prevent hair breakage and hair loss.

3) How can honey help in hair growth?

Honey contains antimicrobial properties which remove any type of impurities that clog pores from the scalp , as a result hair growth can continue and regrow. Please note that honey by itself will not increase hair growth but as mentioned earlier, it will create an environment where the conditions for optimal hair growth are favorable.

4) Will honey work for an irritated and dry scalp?

Yes, honey has anti-inflammatory properties to help those with an itchy and irritated scalp such as dermatitis. It will also work with people who suffer from dandruff as well. 

5)What are the advantages of using honey mixed hair products?

Honey can be mixed with the other natural ingredients such as olive oil to help strengthen and moisturize the hair.

So, there you go! You can now achieve your dream hair by the secret ingredient available in your kitchen. 

Honey never looked better and is a wonderful source of benefit not only for your hair but for your skin, body and healthcare too. 

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